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I am very pleased to write you a letter. at first time I became acquainted
with the man through a dating site and a lil bit shy. How long have you
use online dating sites? What did you look for through them? I was
told about it by my friends and some people said they get a serious
relationship. I also want such a serious relationship and a lot of
love. If you do not mind, I tell a little about myself, and I think in
the future you will learn more about me))

My name is Hasmik, my friends call me Haso or Hasulik)) How do you
want to call me? What is your name? I am 25 years old. My zodiac sign
is Libra, this sign is very appropriate to me because all my close
friends say that I am a very balanced person… )) I think I’m no
longer a little girl))) Why I cannot think about serious
relationship?)))) And how old are you? I live in a small country in
the capital of Armenia Yerevan. Have you ever heard about Armenia? If
you’re interested I can tell about my country in detail. love to paint
very muuuuch. )) Actually I try to do my best to do it in professional
way. In addition to painting, I have another passion and it’s of
course music. Music – it’s our life. I like the genres of rock, blues,
reggae. Tell me what kind of music do you love? In fact, I’m
embarrassed to dance in public and often dancing in front of the
mirror alone)), but my mom say I dance well and I do not have to be
ashamed of. But what can I do if I am shy. I do not drink and do not
smoke. In our country it’s a shame when a girl is engaged in in such
things, we are very traditional country, but apart from all this, I
just disgusted with the smell of alcohol and tobacco. I think you will
be shocked if I tell you that I’m vegetarian. ))) I feel sorry for the
animals, I love them. What do you like to do in your free time? I am
very interested to know about you and I hope you will tell me, right?
On this letter I want to finish my letter and I wish you luck. Do not
forget to write to me, I will wait your letter…

Your new friend Hasmik ;=)


I did not expect to see your letter, but I am very glad to read it:)))
If it’s not difficult for you, please send me your photos. For me it
is important to look into the eyes of a person I communicate with. I
think you can see in the eyes the soul of a person, and very often
eyes can say even more than words… I love listening to music alone,
except rock, I also like to listen to ethnic armenian music. I often
listen to sad music and dream:) Do you like dreaming?
Here you can listen the
song “Eshkhemed” of Jivan Gasparyan. He is a great son of Armenian
people. He is a master in the performance of a musical instrument
“duduk” and after this music I just fly away to the clouds of my
dreams. I live with my mom. She is now retired. Previously, she worked
as a teacher of Armenian language in many universities in of our
country. My father left us when I was a little girl. I almost don’t
remember him. I do not know where he is now… As you already knew, I
keep my family and support my mother morally and financially. Also I
have an older brother, he is 28. He is married and he is a taxi
driver. In the town where I come from, in Hoktemberyan live my
grandmother. She is 92. I often go there to visit her, but
unfortunately it is very far from Yerevan… I love my family. We
often go for a walk with my brother to the park or to the cinema and
cafe. I am very close with my brother. My brother’s name is Vahe, he
is married and has two princess. One of his beautiful princesses is
his wife Oksana, another one is a daughter Tatevik. I love that girl
and play with her. Tatevik is a little child, she’s only three years
old and she’s so sweet like a candy))) Please, tell me about your
family. I love children and at work I often have to deal with the
children. I’ll tell you about my work a lil bit later. Who’s your
sign? I do not believe in horoscopes, but it is sometimes funny and
sometimes I read about my future hahaha))

My country is called Armenia. It’s located in the north of the
geographic region of Southwest Asia and north-east of the Armenian
Highlands. Armenia borders with Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey and Georgia.
It’s quite an ancient country with a beautiful culture and national
traditions. In the ancient times, name of the country “Arminius”
occurs in cuneiforms of Persian King Darius (522-486 years. BC. E.).
The first information about the Armenian Plateau dates back to the
14th century BC. There was Nairi’s state in the basin of the lake Van
(Turkey), the state “Hayasa” and “Alzi” in nearby mountains. In the
9th century BC there has been formed an alliance with the self-name of
the ancient Armenians’ state “Biaynili” or “Biaynele.” The Assyrians
called us “Urartu” and the ancient Jews – “Ararat.” As you can see,
there were many names in the history of our country and even till
nowadays foreigners call our country Armenia, Georgians – Somkheti,
and we call us Hayastan. Armenia is the first country, which
officially recognized Christianity, as the state religion (301 year of
our age). Our churches different from the Catholic or Orthodox by
specific Eastern architecture. Armenia is a mixture of East with
Christianity. We, the Armenians, are very conservative and traditional
people, as adopted throughout the whole East and at the same time we
are Christians and very proud of it. Armenians are very kind,
hospitable and sympathetic people. Armenians in their lifetime had
seen a lot of grief. At first, genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey
with destruction more than 15000000 Armenians, after were wars for the
territory of Armenia between Turkey, Persia and Byzantium. Then the
collapse of the Soviet Union and the terrible war with Azerbaijan on a
survival of Armenian people. That’s why worldwide it’s possible to
meet so many Armenians and all Armenians have very beautiful but sad
eyes… These are responses of our past… We have a saying – “We have
very few people but we are Armenians and will always be proud of this,
of our great past.”

I wish you luck. I’m already waiting for your next letter:)

Your friend Hasmik


Here again I see your letter and I really hope we’ll not stop our
communicating:))) And I am very interested to know you better. I feel
so nice that you’ve written to me. We have become like friends, we
communicate with you on various topics. You write something about
yourself and I write about myself. Recently, in my soul there is some
sort of a boring, and I wanted happy days in my life. So I met you.
I’m curious to know a lot about you. You know you’re somewhere far
away and write me a letter. Even though a few lines, but still you are
in fact thinking of me. You sit and write me a letter and I really
like it:))) Today I again send some photos.I took photos of myself
when I went for a walk. I had a very good time. I love walking in
park. I often go there with my girlfriends. Do you like my photos? I
would like you to send me more your photos. Your home photos, or with
friend or with family. I like see your photos. I would like to know
about your family? What kind of relationship you have with them?? How
you spend your time?? I’m sorry, but can I ask you about your personal
life? I mean your personal life with girl. Do you have a girl that you
like and with whom you would like to meet and spend time together?? I
haven’t got such person. My personal life is empty. I’ve never had a
boyfriend… But in my life was a man whom I could love. It was more
than 3 years ago… I was madly in love with him, but he did not even
pay attention to me… I know I’m beautiful and a lot of guys look at
me… He…He just got another girl in his life… And I … I was
just unlucky … And to be honest I forgot about him. I do not want
even to think about him. Now I want to find a smart man,adult who will
not play games, and would be serious. I consider myself as a grown up
girl and I want a serious relationship. I do not want to waste time on
empty games. John today I told you about me:) And I hope
that you will carefully read my letter. And you will understand me in
a proper way. I consider myself as a strong woman and independent. But
still I’m a girl. And sometimes it is very very hard to be alone. You
know, I want to tell you something … )) For a few days we were
communicate with each other and you are becoming to me more and more
interesting. You know, I would love to see you in real life, via
Skype, of course if it is possible and if you don’t mind … )) I will
be very glad to talk with you … )) But unfortunately we do not have
internet at home … And I have to go to the neighbors house. Our
families are close and I guess they’re real friends to us, but you
know, I can not often communicate by Skype. So I hope you will
understand me… Ufff big letter:) Sorry I think you’re
already tired of reading it.

Take care
Your friend Hasmik

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