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Lookup scammers by picture - reverse image search

Suspicious of somebody? Want to check if their pictures were used in scams before? Your first stop should be Google Image Search. Click on a little camera icon in the search box and upload a picture - either from your computer or from the Internet. You will see if that picture belongs to somebody else, was used by somebody else, already scamlisted, etc..

However, if no results are present in Google Image Search, you may also try our unique scamdigger picture search. It will search through all pictures posted on this site since 2012. It is much easier and faster than browsing through many pages. Currently, there are 17000 pictures in our database. No other scamlist offers a similar service, so we are naturally very proud of it.

Please note: if no match is found, it doesn't mean you are not dealing with a scammer. It merely means the picture is not listed on our site. There are millions of pics used in scams, it's impossible to list all of them. But if a match is found, you are certainly being scammed.

Scamdigger search engine is not updated daily. The last update was on March 13, 2020. Everything posted after that has not been included in the search yet, but it will be included during the next update.

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