About us

This site is a scamlist of Dating ‘n more site. Here we list scammers who UNSUCCESSFULLY tried to register on our dating site, but got booted. We do our best to maintain Dating ‘n more SCAM FREE. If we didn’t do that, all these fakes would be invading our dating service, just like they invade other dating sites and social networks. Horrible, isn’t it?

These scammers tried to place profiles on our site and scam other members out of money. They used fake pictures stolen from somebody innocent. These are NOT their real pictures. 

If you find your own picture posted on this site, that’s not because we think it was you who tried to register and scam somebody. That’s because some crook stole your photo and was trying to impersonate you. These pictures are posted here EXACTLY because they are stolen from innocent third parties. In most cases we don’t know from whom they are stolen (and how can we possibly know that, with zillions of pics out there?), but we know they ARE stolen. We need to warn others about it, otherwise a crook will keep impersonating you on other sites.

For the very same reason, please don’t ask: “What if a scammer steals MY picture? Will it be listed?” The answer is: YES, it will be listed. Because, once again, we don’t list YOU. We list PICTURES USED IN SCAMS. And if your picture is stolen and used in scams, it is listed as “used in scams”. Very logical.

This is similar to an identity theft: it sucks, but it is a personal responsibility of every person to prevent their identity theft. Simple tips:

– Do not post your pictures publicly on the Internet if you don’t want them to get stolen
– If you use social networks like Facebook, hide your pictures from everybody except Friends, and don’t accept people you don’t know in person as a Friend
– If you use dating sites, no need to post your entire gallery, with pets, kids and friends. Just post 2-3 pics, so people know how you look like. Scammers need more than just 2 pictures for a successful scam.
– Similarly, don’t send more than 2-3 of your pictures via email to strangers, to people you never met in person. And of course never send too personal pics.
– Don’t use dodgy dating sites. If the members on a site look too good to be true (too many sexy young girls or handsome doctors and engineers) that’s dodgy. People on ANY real dating site shouldn’t look better than in your local Walmart.

Just use a common sense and caution.

And remember: people don’t browse scamlists for no reason, just because. No matter how good some Nigerian is at scamming, his Nigerian ears will stick out, sooner or later. People search scamlists when they are SUSPICIOUS. So, your friends will most likely not search for you here. But if your pics ever get stolen, your impostor’s friends most likely WILL search. And it’s only fair if they find out that they are writing not to you, but to your impostor.

You can reach us through our contact page on the dating site:
Dating ‘n more Contact page

However, due to the large volume of mail we get we cannot answer everybody personally, sorry. If you were scammed by somebody you see posted here, please don’t send the scam info to us, as we don’t accept reports from third parties. Instead, post your story on Romancescam website. Thank you!