Real faces of scammers

11063420_561087440701244_1826129083390165706_oReal faces behind scams

As we keep telling, the pictures that scammers use are not their own. These pictures are stolen from innocent people who have nothing to do with scams. However, occasionally a scammer would place a fake profile with a stolen picture on our dating site, but use his REAL email for registration, the email address that is associated with his real Facebook or Badoo profile. We enter all registration emails in Badoo and Facebook search and discover quite a lot of real faces and names behind scams.

Below is our HALL OF SHAME. On the left is a stolen picture of innocent people they use on profile, that’s whom they pretend to be. And on the right is their REAL UGLY MUG. 

When you see a double country, that means they are currently so-called “students” in these countries. They arrive there on student visas, but instead of studying they do the only thing they know how to do: SCAM. No matter where and why they end up in the world, they still SCAM.

And please don’t ask why authorities do nothing about it. Nigeria and Ghana are not in jurisdiction of our western authorities, FBI cannot fly to Nigeria or Ghana and catch them. And their local authorities don’t give a damn, they are corrupted and often receive their share from scams. The online scam money boosts West African economies more than their oil and gold do. The scam victims are on their own in this fight, authorities cannot help, nobody can help, all we can do is create the websites like this: share info, educate and prevent.

Billy Chris, Nigeria

Elrazer Freeman, Nigeria / South Africa

Osaraw Promise, Nigeria / Cambodia

James Kennedy, Nigeria

Munachi Allen, Nigeria

Kophie Armah, Ghana

Prince Hardhaykneeyee, Nigeria

Kelly, Nigeria

Sleek Smalls, Nigeria / Austria

Alvin Akudinobi, Ghana

Otunba Deway Owolabim, Nigeria / South Africa

Onyedikachi Akuta, Nigeria / Senegal

Alexio, Nigeria / Malaysia

Paschal Yomi Ohas, Ghana

Yamonill, Nigeria

Afize Alfa, Nigeria / Malaysia

Rich Major, Ghana
photo-3 ⇒ 13879181_203603410057739_876038474939101691_n

Redeemer Vikram Valorous, Ghana
40894_n ⇒ 10400142_791290637681810_3492785259668441271_n

Prince Ukodo, Nigeria
21079974977581 ⇒ 12105806_100390136991611_5661159286774849997_n

Prince Oboo, Ghana
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Odinaka Chukwu, Nigeria
40774_n ⇒ 14713683_178984795882398_9070231414404929526_n

Osofodunrin Adedayo, Nigeria
40743_n ⇒ 14729372_248047985597503_5824043134087859580_n

Neba, Cameroon
40723_n ⇒ osz___size__-3

Kelvin Paul Ndubuisi, Nigeria
frank_2 ⇒ 13521862_158482724567929_4398741079524880525_n

Anthony Asumadu, Ghana
13532989_127468217680417_7277930378247452326_n ⇒ 14485021_108063112993888_6103033773984088474_n

Charles Nwokobia, Nigeria
14563335_101927550276920_1761884513350192324_n ⇒ 11140306_455659471285182_2957243845593923342_n

Orji Justice Uchenna, Nigeria
40360_n ⇒ 13266002_1121997031206749_8919445419664148137_n

Efeed, Nigeria
196_89530504882bd5745758af3c3b2936ec6ebb2470b9a2ac0 ⇒ sz___size__

Ndang GH, Ghana
38294_n ⇒ 14238163_1686460658344615_3987523016595690037_n

Wise Young, Nigeria
40038_n ⇒ 13178725_1601456296835661_9149576992109845848_n

Pablo Jay, Nigeria
39767_n ⇒ 12794550_154202541635715_7388326403083047764_n

Godswill Chinedu Ikechukwu, Nigeria
39648_n ⇒ 13266102_986536434795854_7502493407001424217_n

Dunger Dayo, Nigeria
download ⇒ 10410831_1692885980949291_6812012959808794457_n

Ishmael Abdul Karim, Ghana
13782144_107665219676093_6635610337601575587_n ⇒ 10933913_406837272809663_6755169702126038201_n

Wilson Bayo, Nigeria
39245_n ⇒ 12745987_109928496065718_5159661922893636943_n

Paul Robert, Nigeria
39170_n ⇒ 9181_108610822868291_4444405370938731293_n

Joseph Augunus, Nigeria / Turkey
john53w-wy0uixkpcfowxjpsmsz6 ⇒ 11695918_930410737016987_1638296579936283189_n

Thomas Adebayo, Nigeria
39052_n ⇒ 1508076_10202594521923028_1247928101_n

Jordan Dodzi Banison Kumeko, Ghana
39016_n ⇒ 11145157_942896529103017_3079108666550895363_n

Eric Ujobolo, Nigeria
39004_n ⇒ 13494872_1040556499324923_2183431960720333241_n

unknown name, Nigeria
38725_n ⇒ 138_1_60030

Hero Boy Samule, Ghana
12478472_2_9363 ⇒ 12651347_161282720915385_21865034562455971_n

Ricardo Jerk, Ghana
38544_n ⇒ 12274591_149954648694376_5829580010210046880_n

Joy Unspeakable, Nigeria
38498_n ⇒ 13096148_10204864861779632_6580117623165699262_n

Nana Agyeman, Ghana
38486_n ⇒ 13119083_1033102433412249_2647122446174636677_n

Nana Yaw Thinker, Ghana
38467_n ⇒ 12670939_197512780614348_2810744830130915344_n

Felix Idowu, Ghana
l88vmmme-4smn-0-msyvvvz ⇒ 13516254_106719686427175_7442664490490328749_n

Valentine Chibuike Saviola Obioha, Nigeria
avatar_36813_1466857982 ⇒ 11052483_1612506479034279_6471085042206105672_n

John Twistan, Nigeria / Italy
5974600_1_1462775043_a1 ⇒ 13178567_112607245819475_245373026037475044_n (1)

Olahammed, Nigeria / Malaysia
1000015666-large-3938de36-12f0-62f83-2a1f3b94396675c-f2-1421127744 ⇒ 8425b5a47475a4cae388f50e0e816

Achike, Nigeria / Malaysia
williams ⇒ fiSOz-1QOBrxgKuUnZQ6pBIX8R1BldWFZLlT7JE3pD8=

Prince Udo, Senegal / Nigeria
12806121_112962425763053_1413224178246610554_n ⇒ 1000018_101629606896335_3354160048037292804_n

Adesanmi Kayode Alex, Nigeria
12243312_117806205250041_4741137566574575787_n ⇒ 1316739578_920_o

Meki Williams, Nigeria / France
Selection_182 ⇒ 1317103530_180

Kelvin Brown, Ghana
64137fuZYWSKv000136drSLw25bmJtXVQ ⇒ 10408018_1479940458942626_500671918679978392_n

Ryan, Nigeria
avatar_20769_1447109624 ⇒ ryan

Mike, Nigeria / Sweden
avatar_20681_1447012989 ⇒ 1316087406_920_o

Ojimi Ayomide Julius, Nigeria
a ⇒ 19183_417475958426338_2220160606175516466_n

Favour, Africa / France
426836_119904411470139_702093677_n ⇒ uH9AQXDi5suZgy5Hp07EaN2mrtH5g4GKGNPwWu-8TIvup7VtwUYbFw==

Kameron Jibril Thomaz, Ghana
avatar_18043_1443214437 ⇒ 11903828_621591984650789_429498902157020791_n

Olufemi Bamidele, Nigeria
avatar_17331_1442169651 ⇒ 1013490_535108113222099_1453255757_n

John Abeto, Senegal
300x300 ⇒ 564000_1396319537265901_1652307609_n

Tolu, Nigeria
10440756_1385855821726184_1971981061845672735_n ⇒ 644692_920

Obaseki Eferua Nkem, Nigeria / Turkey
1313890618 ⇒ 11012753_982195758468847_5008530857980906727_n

Obaino Obinna, Nigeria / Senegal
avatar_12828_1435777529 ⇒ 11046679_1607232262839628_8591249845899800752_n

Ibeh Chidi, Nigeria / Malaysia
lGCE5TVNIXsfmyuaH1cRgEdQHSerra-DNpR88XhYVuQ= ⇒ 515988_192

Ikejiofor John Ndubuisi, Nigeria
551d788d08ba6 ⇒ 11081169_1615385555365141_8955951302357625707_n

Deonte, Nigeria
avatar_11757_1434199083 ⇒ hidden (1)

Osita Ekwem, Nigeria / Vietnam
avatar_11248_1433412910 ⇒ 10600490_1449702205322420_7137509949645103155_n

Iky, Nigeria
Selection_004 ⇒ hidden

Bill, Nigeria
Capture ⇒ Capture3

Tawa Yusuf, Nigeria
scott ⇒ 11149368_1408277396156653_6234730375451966933_n

Obinna Nnamani, Nigeria
10928169_1381258875514653_3317560941410384009_n ⇒ 9816_207924426077387_1929616400_n

Richard Henry, Nigeria
11505654_94201023225tbl ⇒ 11039874_1558139077789208_8287274813611050766_n

Micheal Williams Okenwa, Ghana
Daniel ⇒ 10888752_1561342084109824_2939091275897948062_n

Oro Tuma, Nigeria
SDC13064 ⇒ 1907296_1566977776855639_6300081929984788735_n

unknown name, Nigeria / Turkey
6313461069246622570 ⇒ 10006191_7151

‎Eman David Chukwdi, Nigeria
pat3love ⇒ 10675752_1481136028822574_4984071939431214396_n

Indomy Donatus, Nigeria
vvzCNNl1jzZjQKUcnvH2DFgrvHh11TEcWSlAbIZjkKk= ⇒ 11002646_998008430249850_2662848222362960298_n

unknown name, Nigeria
EdnqcuXOPTVYo05bWYZB5uJ41hEJnb3vKr3lfmBlQIM= ⇒ 287965535_192

Timothy, Nigeria
146918_n ⇒ 556049_920

Cell, Nigeria / South Africa
photo_105578_450_450 ⇒ 1309016174_920

Alvin, Nigeria
11633134_882013172617tbl ⇒ 390801_920

Jony, Nigeria
237877 ⇒ 1308856790_192

unknown name, Nigeria
1-4569080 ⇒ 509755_192