Bruce Parrettmine,

Username Bernard2019
Name Bruce Parrettmine
Age 42 y.o.
Country United States
City Boston
Marital status Separated
Ethnicity Mixed
Occupation Adventurer

IP address – proxy

Username James001
Name James Walter
Age 49 y.o.
Country Italy
City Napoli
Marital status Widowed
Ethnicity White
Occupation Engineer

Personal Description
Am James an handsome who will do anything to keep his home
IP address – Nigeria

 Username CHAI
Name Chai Preed
Age 40 y.o.
Country United States
City New jersey
Marital status Divorced
Ethnicity Asian
Occupation Journalist

Personal Description
I’m a simple man by nature, easy going and fun to be with.
Hello beautiful, I admire your beauty so much, you are a very gorgeous lady, I will so glad if you could just say hello back to me.
IP address – Nigeria

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