Michelle Limacan, michellelimacan2@gmail.com

q_vad_ru_iad1qwzrrn_acknogb_x1f_chy1_suw_xmsprq_byi_yusername: michellelimacan
name: Michelle Limacan
email: michellelimacan2@gmail.com
age: 35
location: St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
ethnicity: hispanic
occupation: healthcare
marital status: single

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i would describe myself as a happy person, intelligent, well educated, stylish, sociable, attractive, caring and clean. I..m open-minded, sensitive, truthful, passionate, with a great sense of humor …responsible and serious when I have to be. I love music, arts, fashion, traveling, meeting people and all is beautiful ! I am looking for that special someone, I could love with all my heart, body and soul. I love to find experiences and to share them with someone close, but I have no special person in my life to share my dreams and excitements witha good relationship provide stimulation at the intellectual, emotional and physical level

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