Liam Meyer,

40244_nusername: Liam32_taco
name: Liam Meyer
age: 43
location: Costa Mesa, California, United States
ethnicity: black
occupation: construction
marital status: single

IP address:

My name is Meyer Liam, i am 44 years old.I stay in United state, in the city of Costa Mesa . Am new to this i can’t describe myself fully, just know that my friend will get to understand me much better. Am cool and understable person. Looking for an established, not too tall, smart, good looking, in shape woman who wants to have a good time. Preferably mature and knows what she wants. I am an honest man who likes to keep it real. I cant stand phoney, plastic, materialistic people. I say it like it is, however i need to be careful not to offend anyone. I treat people how i like to be treated. A sense of humor is a requirement because i love to laugh my ass off. Ha ha!
I like a good honest woman, who respects a man and has an open mind.

hello gorgeous i go through your profile information and i love the kind of woman you are. Will like to know more about you. your name, where you stay and the kind of job you do. Will love to hear back from you dear

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams on female profiles
Nigerian wording

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