Estelle Andren,

estelleusername: estelle
name: Estelle Andren
alternative email:
age: 21
location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
ethnicity: black
occupation: student
marital status: single

IP address:

From: Miss estelle andren.
How are you and your family.
I am Miss estelle andren, 21 years old the only daughter of my late parents. I am writing because i need your help to transfer the money my late father deposited in the bank for me before he met his death, and i will explain more when you reply on how you can be my guardian in the management of a sum $6.5 million u.s dollars. Please I am ever ready to offer you 25% for your help.
please contact me on this email address
for further process,i will be looking for your urgent response
best regard

Hello Dearest One,
urgent Assistance from Estelle
Please I will like you to consider to accept this my proposal despite that will be surprise to you since we have not known or written each other before. am Miss ,Estelle i am from cote d Ivoire in west Africa.the only daughter of Late.Mr Andrea. am 21 -years, old , I wish to request for your urgent assistance in my investment plans , I wish to invest in manufacturing and real estate management in your base, because of my inherited and important sum from my late father who was poisoned to death recently.
My father was a very good business man dealing on gold and cocoa merchant based in Accra,Ghana and Abidjan (Ivory Coast), he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their business trips recently.
Before his sudden death,He called me on his bedside at the hospital and told me about the money he deposited in the bank with my name as next of kin for security reasons,the amount was ($6.5 Million U.S Dollar) which he deposited in one of the prime bank.
My uncle has seized all my late father’s properties of which he want me to provide every other documents related to my late father’s bank deposit I refused. Now my life is in a very big danger, for this reason I have to look for my safety for my coming over to meet you immediately after the transfer of this my money to your account. Now my uncle is going around cote d Ivoire, looking for me to collect all the documents that covers this money, please i need your urgent help to transfer the money into your bank account, and also making arrangement for me to be coming over to your country after the transfer and stay with you to continue my education in your country,mean while after the successful of the transfer of this fund i will give you 25% of the total money for helping me transferring the money to your account,while you will use the rest of the money to invest in a very good business of your choice since i am 21 years, so all i need is your help,to enable me get back my right. please contact me on this email address,(
waiting your response for more detail,

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