Anderson Ruth,

947b6d1e45ead32busername: Anderruth
name: Anderson Ruth
alternative name: Robert Irvina
age: 52
location: Pretoria, Eastern Cape, South Africa
ethnicity: white
occupation: Selfemployed
marital status: single

IP address:

i am the only child of my parents.i have hot no wife and a straight forward person and God fearing too.

Hi,How was your days and your weekend?.. Hope fine.?..I know this message will come to you as a surprise but i want you to know that i have prayed and fast before i contacted you and my spirit lead me to you, that you are right person and i strongly believed it. right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts was Actually Diagnosed with Cancer(Lymphoma)…. I was always hostile to people and only focused on my business as that was the only thing I cared for . Now that God has called me, I have willed and given most of my property and assets to my immediate and extended family members. so I have decided to give also to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations .
Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself anymore. that’s why i seek for a trust wordy partner. My family refused to help me out, they prefer using my money for personal issues, so i don’t trust them anymore, i just need to know if i can trust you , please i don’t want you to take me for granted because i just told you about my health because i have less than 9 months to live,. now i have big interest in giving the needy money,i have some money in a security company,first i would love to meet you one on one ,i will give you 15% of the money let me know if you are interested, trust me i’m real i know its weird hearing all this from a stranger, i’m just been natural and plain.
You can always chat with me online on my yahoo messenger robertirvina ..Because i can”t receive calls right now as im being watched by my family…..add me up so we can chat ok ..Thanks for your Understanding
God bless you

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IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different names and pictures
Mass-mailing with 419 “dying widower” junk
Nigerian wording

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