Sandra Dada,

sz___size__username: Sandradada668
name: Sandra Dada
alternative names: Hellen, Don Kate
age: 29 or 33
location: Dallas, Texas, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: fashion designer
marital status: single

IP address:

description: –
I am lonely single female i dont have any kid and i am really looking for a man whose completely honest and sincere about his words and feelings. A man who is ready for a long term relationship and ready to build up a family with someone real and honest as caring as i am. A marriage minded and family orientate man that i can devout all my life

message: –

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IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different details, names and pictures
Location on badoo is: Ilesa, Osun, Nigeria
Nigerian wording

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