Rebecca Udarra,

username: Rebby
name: Rebecca Udarra
alternative email:
age: 30
location: San Diego, California, United States
ethnicity: black
occupation: student
marital status: single

IP address:

I am cheerful, kind, sincere, sentimental, naive, good-natured, gentle, homely, responsible, required, compassionate to humans and animals. I love nature, walking by the hand, I like intimate conversations, feasts in the family circle, travel and more.

Hello my name is Rebecca I saw you profile today in this sites I will also like to know you more I want you to send email to my email adress ( so I can give you my pictures for you to know who I am

Hello how are you doing
I am the above named person Rebecca Udarra I am married to Mr. Robinson Udarra a born again Christian and a widow and I want to make a donation of £5,000,000. Five Million British Pounds only to help Orphans and Widows and Church and Charitable home in your Country and I assumed that you will be able to receive this Fund and use it to my wished to the needs in your country and i am seriously ill please always putting me in your daily prayers because i don t know when it will end with me. Reply back to me immediately for more details about this fund.
Mrs Rebecca Udarra

IP is Ivory Coast
IP doesn’t correspond location
Contradiction in profile age, picture and message
Pulling 419 dying widow scam

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