Jucil Marlila, 1jucil7marlila4@gmail.com

38403_nusername: jucil147
name: Jucil Marlila
email: 1jucil7marlila4@gmail.com
alternative email: jucilmarlila@yahoo.com
age: 30
location: New York, United States
ethnicity: mixed
occupation: modelling
marital status: single

IP address:

description: –

my name is jucil, am a cool nice pretty young lady, kind and honest, I am here in search of true love, some one who can take me the way i am, i am a easy going person and caring, i love Traveling so much, meeting people, watching movies, relaxing with Friends, i love jokes and playing games.
I need the love of my life, the Man who can make me feel happy for the rest of my life, A man with a Large Heart, a Man with a caring and a lovely Heart, some one who will put me in his Mind and make me feel like the QUEEN!!! i am, the Man i will spend all the rest of my life with…

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