Daniel Cone, musaabarry@gmail.com

11131992_607424832726420_557323782_nusername: Daniel422k
name: Daniel Cone
email: musaabarry@gmail.com
age: 56
location: Arlington, Virginia, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: Jeweller
marital status: divorced

IP address:

I like scuba diving warm oceans, travel ,mountains ,Maui ,flying ,cuddling by the fire, walking holding hands, Harley riding, about anything else w/the right person. I am very secure, but there is someone missing, a best friend, to talk to, do things with, good bad. I am romantic know how to treat a lady, dressing up once in a while going out to a nice restaurant. I am looking for someone to share the rest of my life with, who likes to pursue the same goals activities. I would like to meet someone who can dress to the tens also feel comfortable in Levis. Who can be playful has a sense of humor. I think this gives you an idea who I am looking for! My partner is warm and caring and considerate. She is intelligent, emotionally available, goal oriented, spiritual, knows how to laugh at herself and likes who she is. She is easy-going and gentle and prioritizes a relationship. She has a sense of adventure and likes to travel and do things spontaneously. She honors the relationship we share. She knows how to say I’m sorry when the need arises and appreciates a man who consciously makes an effort to add to her happiness. She isn’t moody, and thinks twice before she would say an unkind thing. She smiles a lot, dances, accepts me as I am and values my loving spirit and high energy. She is attractive to me and values what we share. Now, if you see her someplace and she just didn’t ask directions, would you send her over to my place?

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