Fatima Maat Yaman, fatimayaman@yahoo.com

avatar_16606_1441125611username: fatimamaat19
name: Fatima Maat Yaman
email: fatimayaman@yahoo.com
alternative emails: fatimanimaat33@outlook.com, fatimnimaat572@hotmail.com
age: 24
location: Augsburg, Germany
ethncity: middle eastern
occupation: student
marital status: single

IP address:

I am miss Fatima Maat Yaman from Syria, I ran out of Syria for safety after my father and mother was killed by the Syrian Rebels. Still making business inquiries in Turkey and other countries in order to relocate my father’s business from Syria which is a war zone. Over one million innocent people have died as a result of the endless war that is going on for about five years now. The world should come and rescue innocent citizens of Syria. Here is my email:fatimayaman@yahoo.com

message: –

IP is Turkey
IP doesn’t correspond location
Typical 419 script
Nigerian scamming from Turkey

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