Stanley Moore,

16username: stanleymoore734
name: Stanley Moore
alternative email:
age: 50
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: business man
marital status: divorced
tel: 646-820-2317

IP address: –

I am 51 year old, 6″0 tall, I am a nice, intelligent, caring, fun loving, sensitive man who is looking for someone to share the rest of my life with.I know that developing a good and solid friendship is the first step finding the woman I of my dreams. So, I know that it will take time for us to get acquainted come to trust and respect each other. If you are interested in a serious relationship,one that will also take time to develop, then I may be your man…I am honest always as there is nothing that I can think of that would make it wrong. I have a very off beat sense of humor and I am quick with it, one of the happiest things to feel is laughter until the tears stream down your cheeks, I find humor in almost everything, but never take anyone feelings lightly. I am an awesome listener as I also believe that if it is important enough for you to say, it is important enough for me to listen, and take heed in what is being said. I too am not a night life person, I prefer to stay home or be someplace special with my someone special. I am ready to find that someone who can appreciate all of things I have to offer and accept me as I am. I approach this renewed journey with caution as my feelings and heart are quick to get the best of my head. However, once I give them they are true and deep in every sense…

Hello Beautiful how are you doing? my name is stanley moore a from California LA…. Am a very funny, loving, caring and down to earth man.. Am new on the site, and happy ever after is all i seek. i just came accross your profile and i must confess your drop dead gorgeous.. i hate to beat about the bush but the truth is that i like you, your profile and drop dead gorgeous pics made an impression on me, and i am willing to start something with you maybe as friends.. then with time we can progress forward.. Text me if you think i made an impression (646) 820-2317.. or email me on my oersonal email at ( or gmail at ( but i must warn i can be extremely romantic and loving for your liking.. hope you dont mind.. Hoping forward to talk to you… Stanley

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