David Haggin, david_haggin@yahoo.com

10590410_10152648291680688_6741184440933380161_nusername: david_haggin
name: David Haggin
email: david_haggin@yahoo.com
alternative names: Rayn Erickson, David Hilton
age: 53 or 59
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: Helicopter Pilot
marital status: divorced

IP address:

I feel I am a man of integrity and a family provider. I think I am kind in heart and tender of soul. I am proud in the quality of what I do and responsible. I believe in taking care of a woman and treating her as a gift that God meant her to be. I also understand that making love is not just a physical act of two bodies…. Well, I love children so much they are the future leaders, I have two lovely children that I adore so much, Emily is 11 and Junior is 9years old I love them so much and I call them my world… I work in Chevron oil and gas company as a Commercial Pilot, I fly helicopter.

message: –


IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are stolen from a known source (from Larry B)
Registered on different sites with different details
Nigerian wording

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