Alex Maxime,

avatar_11496_1433760095username: Machaery
name: Alex Maxime
alternative name: Douglas Zachery
age: 54
location: Galvestone, Texas, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: self-employed
marital status: single

IP address:

My life and my self are not really limited to one thing or aspect. I love to learn new things, expanding my horizon of knowledge in every aspect. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn. My mantra for life is that believe in your self , stay focused and keep going. If you know what you are doing is not wrong than don’t be afraid from doing it ever.Have faith in yourself and on God.Value your relationship with me and learn to help those who need your help. Give smiles and spread happiness as much you can and it will come back to you in doubles.

message: –


IP is Malaysia
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams
Registered on different sites with different details and pictures

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