Ryan Benson, ryan.benson18@yahoo.com

avatar_big_6797_1424609306username: ryan12
name: Ryan Benson
email: ryan.benson18@yahoo.com
age: 34
location: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States
ethncity: native american
occupation: military
marital status: single

IP address:

Am Sgt Ryan Benson by name, Am a US military for 10 Years presently in Nigeria for a peace making mission to save human life’s and properties I am a gentle, good man who is much more a giver than a taker and someone who is passionate and compassionate, loyal and endearing,honest and honorable and very much the kind of man who knows how to treat a special woman. and visible views,and I especially enjoy all kinds of water beaches,sailing and swimming.I am searching for a Soul mate but rather someone who is intelligent,spirited , classy and good with a good heart and good mind. In the perfect date I think I would like to share time over a good bottle of wine and a picnic lunch outdoors I am here to find Love,friendship and a caring heart that is willing to do any thing and believes that Love is a movement, an effusion, and advancement of the heart toward the good. The soul cannot live without love and a relationship is a way to bring hearts together and that is why i am ready to go to any part of the world to meet my Soul mate. Am an easy going Christian man with the fear and love of God I see myself as a caring person with great sense of humor. I am down to earth, decent, loving and very responsible. I am very respectable and well mannered because of the upbringing.People say I am cool, and funny


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