David Moreland, davidmoreland47@yahoo.com

4585431_2013_15username: davidmoreland47
name: David Moreland
email: davidmoreland47@yahoo.com
age: 50 or 54
location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: Business Owner
marital status: Widowed

IP address:

I am very true real, not materialistic, but do enjoy the finer things in life. One of my fundamental beliefs is how we treat one another. I am easily touched by the simplest of things. I love to laugh and love humor on all levels. I try and enjoy every minute of the day. I am a giving and forgiving person.. I try to be an optimistic person with a sense of humor, fairly easy going, and I don’t think that I’m too critical about things, I try to be an honest person

Hello Beautiful…….Its a real pleasure sending you an email.You’re so beautiful that everyman would want to hold hands with you someday. Looking into your eyes alone, shows me a beautiful world. And iguess i’ll be the luckiest man getting to talk to you.If i were to present your picture in heaven, most of the Angels would hide their face….I will like to hear from you soon

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IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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