Andex Ronald,

Andex ronald1username: andex_ronald533
name: Andex Ronald
age: 53
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: military
marital status: divorced

IP address: –

Am Andex Ronald by name and well am from Oregon in Portlad and more over i was born in Dallas but i have to move away from there since my dad was in the Force sector so he was posted and shifted to Oregon that was where i lived all my life with my lovely mother …well i am from a family of Two me and my Youger sister Named Jennifer well i got married with a woman and well i eventually had a son with her called Maxwell along the lne she cheated on me in which i had to get a divorce and we partted ways …Now i am a single man of a son Maxwell of 8yrs old and well i my self am 52yrs Hope that is not too old for you well i grew up to becomea man of my own when i lost my Dad and Mum Both in an Auto accident it seems as if the whole word as ended on me well i just have to press on and push on with life and also be loved and likewise me showing love too……Well i use to work for the Government Force of Millitary in which my Dad was a pionia in the filed in which i latter ended up in thesame root of my Dad so as to continue is mission on the Millitary…well we work in throoph so as to save Guide the safety of people so as to save lifes well i have being on this job for some times now i can get to tell you that it a nice job that has to do with more attention and focus well i think i am so lucky to have you now as a woman that we can get to start up something so well i guess i will be of more attention to you and now i am looking for aoulmate of my bone and flesh of my flesh so as for me to love the more so if you still need to ask me more of my self you can get to ask me and i am willing to tell you more and all about my self .Hope to here form you soon ..

Hello pretty how are you doing today …..Hope you don”t mind if we get to chat you look Good and pretty ……Can we get to chat more on yahoo Messenger chat IM so can you add me on or send me yours so i can possibly get to add you and believe me you look so sexy and with your lovely Good looking smiles that you got hope to here form you soon thanks Kisses and Hugs

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