Ray Perry, rayperry62@yahoo.com

new man 3username: Rayperry62
name: Ray Perry
email: rayperry62@yahoo.com
age: 52
location: Plano, Texas, United States
ethncity: Native American
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address:

I am very honest, I don’t ever, not ever look at the outside to learn about someone, I feel the real person is who is inside. Oh, of course there has to be some kind of physical attraction of course but that is not the only part of a person, I am good and kind and loving, I am always there to give help to anyone who needs it.I am honest, dependable, loving, gentle, affectionate and have good friendship. I feel that a WOMAN is GOD’s undeserved gift to MAN and she is supposed to be loved, reverenced, protected, respected, and cherished.. I would love someone who is fun to be around, likes to laugh, joke around, enjoy being outdoors going for long romantic walks, enjoys looking at the stars at night, and watching the sun set and rise over the ocean…

Hi pretty dear i come across your profile and i cant go without you and i like your profile well if you like to chat more contact me at yahoo on rayperry62@yahoo.com because am not a subscriber yet and i cant wait to do my search.

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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