Michael Spade, michaelspade77@yahoo.com

username: micspa77
name: Michael Spade
email: michaelspade77@yahoo.com
age: 48
location: Rio Vista, California, United states
ethncity: white
occupation: Self Employ
marital status: single
alternative email: michael_sp_2010@yahoo.com

IP address:,

I am honest,decent,open minded,kind hearted and loving caring and trust worthy downhearted to every one in life I’m a touchy-freely type of man

Hello Gorgeous,
It’s was very nice and wonderful to see your unique and uncommon profile on here..Your natural beauty really
amazed me,and don’t know woman like you still remain on this earth,Because i thought angel live in heaven? But why you on this earth? well I just guess maybe God had pardon you for a man like me to love..As a matter of fact,since I have been going through profiles on here,..Have never seen a profiles like yours..and its certainly give me a chance to introduce my deeply feelings for you…I have been looking for a woman like you…and the love Annalise say’s…you may been searching for your soul-mate over year’s…but it’s takes you just a second’s to meet her…
I’m Michael spade by name , I’m separated , 48 years old , I’m a Business man Sales,marketing Import & export( ON MERCHANDISING ) ,I have been years keeping my dignity for the right woman for me .I want you to know I’m seeking for a commitment relationship with a woman that posses and great qualities like you ,Are you a serious woman ? What are the qualities you posses ? You seems to be a wonderful woman ? Can we be acquainted together ? I will really love to know more about you , at least It’s could be a great pleasure to meet a woman like you on here for the first time ever since when I’m separated,Little about me,I’m a God fearing man , I believe in God , I’m a man of good personality ,with sense of humor , Good nature , honest , trustworthy , Loyal , loving and adorable , I’m a very passionate and affectionate man.
With pleasure here is my email michaelspade77@yahoo.com you can also add me on your yahoo messenger so we can chat and get to know more about each other.
My best regard to you and your lovely family


IP is Benin
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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