Michael Klus, michaelklus606@yahoo.com

username: lovelessmichaelklus
name: michael klus
email: michaelklus606@yahoo.com
age: 42 or 35
location: Marion or Gary, Indiana, United States
ethncity: mixed
occupation: Construction or Engineer
marital status: Divorced
Alternative name: Nicolas Ponsler

IP address:

I’m focused, sincere, caring,compasionate,dedicated and finish what I start. My career is established and important to me and I’m ready to enter into a new phase in my life that includes a good friend and eventual life-partner.
A woman’s character is more important to me than her physical looks ( don’t get me wrong, a beautiful woman is a plus ). My ideal woman should be in great physical shape and be willing to maintain a loyal and happy life..

hello pretty,compliment of the day,I was glancing through profiles when i saw urs,and ur lovely picture got me attracted and had me email you,I will be delighted if i could get to learn more about you,I am new to the online world,I do hope that i have not started on a wrong note and surely hope to read from you soon.you can check me out by viewing my profile, do have a wonderful day…michael
Yahoo mesg:michaelklus606

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different occupation, name and age

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