richard peterson,

username: rich1012000
name: richard peterson
age: 43 or 48
location: Florida or California, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: business man
marital status: widowed

IP address:

description: –

Hi sweetie,
How are you doing and the kids i hope everything around you are doing great there like here because you have really make me happy and brought smile out of my face you make me a happy man and i just wan to do the same for you because all i ant for you is the best and to just make you the best happiest woman like you make me a happy man babe thanks …..i want you to know that i am very glad to meet you online and i am really glad you get back to me when i emailed you on website we meet i want you to know that i would like to always hear from you because it has really make me so happy and make me feel the way i never feel in a long time ago i really appreciate it alot and i wish i can make you happy the way you make me happy well i pray things work out between us so that i will always make you happy because all i want for you is just the best because you are bringing out the best in me also…..I really want us to get to know each other more better so here we go,I’m Richard peterson by name a single dad of 2 lovely kid,my sons are 3yrs old , , i am just 49years old will be 50 by march 20th..i am a business man i am into importation and exportation of electronics and heavy machine from developed countries to undeveloped countries… and i have warehouse/Investment Japan that i have a sales rep that is taking care of it for me so i don’t travel a lot,.I love listening to music, spending time with my kid, going on family shopping,doing business and going on vacation from work doing my fav sport taking walk with my woman and going to beach,I have been married for and for 10years before but i have never been divorced before i lost my wife almost 2 years ago in a plane crash on her way to Spain for check up having gone through a lots of surgery and it’s been so hard and rough but I’m surviving the hardship and thank to the good lord for my kid, she have been so much to me and she revolve around my world, I just can’t imagine what and how things would have been with me without having her in my world but thank the good lord giving her to me and making me a proud dad to her, I missed here mom so much but I understand God give and he also take when he pleases but I have to move on and believing that he will send someone right my way again soon to bring back happiness to my life and complete me because i have been single since i lost her and i never been any relationship but for now i would like to meet who is also looking for her missing part. I’m looking and searching for the right one to complete me,I knew it might be a lil difficult to find on here but I have heard about great couples who had met online before and are still living fine today and I believe I can find the right one for me online too, although I’m new to the internet dating and haven’t been spending anytime looking around since… my son had helped me put up a page on here because I have been so busy with the business lately but who knows what’s gonna happen until I try it out I dunno if it can work and that’s what im doing now, I think? lol..I would like to get to know more about you, I found your page on here captivating and interesting and would like to get to know more about you coz we both seems to be looking for the same kinda of thing we’ve been missing in life and that’s unending and undying love with so much trust and honesty, I’m ready for something serious and not just fun but a long lasting relationship that would lead to a happy and a peaceful home all i am looking for is a woman that would join me so that we can both build a happy home and we live there for the rest of our life, I do hope we can get to know more about each other better real soon…. Just feel free to write me a mail here directly and we will see where things would lead us to because who knows it all start from friend and i pray it lead us to a good and better place and maybe we could share some more contact information later but I believe we can start from being friends first and see where it would lead to.. I don’t spend much time on coming here often but im always on the computer everyday for my business because I operate my business with the computer so write me back directly to my personal email address; (solo101200 at yahoo dot com) and you can also add me to your yahoo messenger so that we can chat and get to know more about each other better, add me to your yahoo list and if you don’t have the yahoo messenger, go create a yahoo account and get the yahoo messenger downloaded to your computer and log in with your yahoo account and try to add me with my screen name on the yahoo messenger ,my yahoo im screen name is ( solo101200 at yahoo dot com ) and you can also email me directly that’s my personal email, tell me more about yourself and I will get back at ya too with a reply as soon as I can, just add me to your yahoo messenger with my yahoo im screen name; (solo101200 at yahoo .com ) and feel free to email me anytime and im gonna reply you back, because I really look forward to getting to knowing you more better and lets see where things would go for us, but I do hope it will be to a better place and a blessed place sweetie before i leave i would appreciates it much if you can send me some of your pix and tell me more about. You email it to my yahoo email i have gave you above ..I gotta leave now and hope you have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you real soon, until then do take good care of yourself and have a lovely and less stressful day. Peace!

IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different location and age
Picture doesn’t correspond his age
Nigerian wording

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