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username: rayword
name: Ray X
email: raymoretob@yahoo.com
age: 46
location: Moreno Valley, California
ethncity: White
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address: –

I’m extremely loving and loyal to the one I’m with and I expect the same in return, I am also a very patient and forgiving person “to a point” (there is always that line that no one should cross). I love life, even more when I have someone to share it with. Anyone who knows pk my mind.I enjoy laughing and making others laugh.I’m caring loving rich in understanding trust worthy romantic love treating others the way I would love to be treated and above I’m God fearing I also like to sing along with the song on the radio
(sometimes badly) and dance around my living room…….i am looking for long term relationship with a serious woman that she honest faithful open minded loyal kind caring trustworthy with a great sence of humor a woman who will love me for who i am, a woman of passion and who will belive in God and have respect and take good care of herself and her family and respect my wishes because i have lot of love to offer for a woman

Hi Dear,im so glad to hear from you and I also have to thank you for taking your time to go through my mail and also for writing me back I really appreciate but I will appreciate more if you can tell me more about yourself cos I don’t mind being part of your life and also I will love it if you can rock my world,I love your pics and profile infact dear you are too beautiful to let go and I will be glad if I can have you in my life , I can assure you happiness, love care, faithful,respect, rest of mind and being there for you, I will be the last man on this earth to hurt you cos I will treat you the way I would want you to treat me,treat you like a queen,pet you like a baby and pamper you like an egg. Dear I derive much pleasure in being honest,down to earth, big at heart rich in understanding and I will always be sincere(honest) in what ever I do or say no matter what I’m stand loosing,Dear please don’t allow it to put you off cos I meant everything I have told you above and I assure u no regret…..here is my yahoo id raymoretob@yahoo.com I will be so glad to hear from you again…lotz of hugs

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