Paul Dykstra,

username: carsbil
name: Paul Dykstra
age: 48
location: New York, USA
ethncity: – mixed
occupation: self employed
marital status: widowed

IP address:

Most of my friends would say I am an easy-going, relaxed and easy to talk to person, and love to meet new and different people. I like to help people in their fantasies, goals, areas of interest, computers (Google is my home page) and any other way I am able to. I am into buying and selling of violins I have a good understanding of proper nutrition and the necessary life that needs to go along with it. I am assertive and confident in who I am.I deal with violin antiques, I like the outdoors. I also like small spaces inside. I love to give my best. I love sex, sensuality – like touching, candles,cuddling and massage can be as important as sex. I am interested in long term relationship.
I’m looking for a giving heart, photo of a face with genuine smile. Looking for a ‘try everything’ woman. I’m looking for someone who is interested in developing a relationship that includes stretching sensual limits. I would prefer this person to be confident in themselves, confident in life, likes to communicate, intelligent with common sense, cheerful – smiling is normal, optimistic – looking on the bright side of life. To be willing to build a relationship thru email and dates, where It could become long term.

Hello Cutie Pie
I enjoyed reading your profile. You seem
to know what you want and that is really
something special. I’m up for your
challenge if you care to chat… Out of
curiosity,Not a big deal if you wish to
keep private,add me via here paulfella49
att yahu dot com
like I said just curious… Have a great
Day and hope to talk to you soon…
God Bless you


Already listed as a scammer on the dating site where we found him
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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