Greg Shane,

username: shanegreg
name: Greg Shane
age: 42
location: tacoma, washington, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address:

I consider myself to be an intelligent, elegant man. I am not proud but I have a kind of esteem that I am proud to show. Generally I’m a happy person but lately,for some couple of years.I lost that smile. I am a very sensual person, who loves to touch and be touched. I’m loving, romantic, honest, open minded and straight forward. I enjoy my life but really would like to be able to share my smiles with someone special

I am single because I am waiting for the worthy heart and soul, are you the worthy person that I have been waiting for through the past ages? I like your profile and your smile and I will like to know you much more better, we can talk more on the instant messenger, my Instant Messenger ID is s h a n e . g r e g 5 5 at Y A H O O dot C O M , so you can add me and we can get to talk and know each other even more and maybe you will be able to know why I am single then.
I hope you have a wonderful day ahead

IP is Nigeria
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