Andres Iniesta,

username: Andres212
name: Andres Iniesta
age: 54
location: Birmingham, Alabama, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: i do travel alot due to the nature of my business.
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am looking to have fun and build new friendships and hopefully a relationship here . I still am fairly new to this match dating online; have come here for a great career opportunity and to enjoy the wonderful aspects of the area. Looking for a fun woman to enjoy the great outdoors, go dancing, watch movies, have dinner with and see what else happens. Being a parent, I understand family commitments and would never take that away from the woman that become involved with.
I enjoy being in the great outdoors (hiking, biking, swimming, camping, etc..). The ohio city meetup groups offer alot of opportunity to get invovled in outdoor and indoor activities.
I am looking for a lady that enjoys being in the outdoors, adventurous, independent in being her own person but is open to sharing her life with me. I want to be supportive of my partner with personal goals and development and the same in return.
I enjoy planning for major activities but also being spontaneous for taking in a night on the town or a last minute weekend getaway.

How was your day been? Nice meeting you and i must admit you princess of beauty. i will really like to get to know more about you if you wouldn’t mind. Hope you have access to yahoo messenger ? It late here right now and i will looking forward to your reply along with your yahoo id , so that i will add you on messenger for us to chat more and see what the future hold for us. good nite and have a sound sleep.



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Pictures are stolen from a known source
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