Harren Davison, harrendavison@gmail.com

username: harrendavis10
name: Harren Davison
email: harrendavison@gmail.com
alternative email: harrendavis10@gmail.com
alternative name: Harren Davis
age: 37
location: Duncan, Oklahoma, United States
ethnicity: middle eastern
occupation: Manufacturing
marital status: widowed

IP address:

humble Just so you know i am not in a relationship right now, we’ve been together for 8years but i have plans of marrying or plans of getting a job to sustain our needs. I am single by law and i have the a kid just want to reach out to a humble open mined woman for a freshrealationship add me so we can share from each others world
I live in a Duncan apartment all alone bored with loneliness when she is away Got a nice job with a marketing firm as a sales representative and most often have work time off and leisure .my hobbies love reading’ watching movies and traveling to see places during a work leave. add harrendavison@gmail.com

message posted on another site:
directions to libya
Need directions on how to travel from africa libya to Europe by land then contact Bugger smart hassan on mobile +2348139472057 or email harrendavison@gmail.com

IP is Italy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Badly misspelled description
Ghanaian who have sneaked into Italy (unfortunatelly) and scamming from there

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