Riley Bechtel,

username: rileybech
name: Riley Bechtel
age: 56
location: Kansas Wichita, or Miami Florida, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address:

description: –

Hi friend,After going through your profile so i thought it nice to let you know that someone out there care to know you Riley Bechtel from miami beach in florida.the first thing that came out of me was how pretty u are and i really wish to gets to know u much writting you for the sake of being a friend….well i would be counting sec to hear back from u…Till I hear from you. Regards..AND IF CARE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME THIS IS MY YAHOO ID SO WE CAN CHAT OK………… Riley Bechtel.

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different location
Nigerian wording

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