Richard Anthonio,

username: palkit001
name: Richard Anthonio
age: 52
location: Ashland City, Tennessee, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: Architect Engineer
marital status: Widowed

IP address:

i am rolland single father with two kids, a Capricorn and an Italian native, something of a rarity I am told! My father was originally from Jackson, MS. but I was born and brought up in Rome, Italy. I was somehow bored which made me preffered overseas job as an Engineer in order to help myself overcome my boredom situation, but I’m fully ready to relocate to anywhere in States, wherever I may found a true love, someone I can live the rest of my life with in PEACE, JOY, HAPPINESS and LOVE.

my name is richard single father with 2 kids ,am new on here go through your profile very cute and intresting ,I am generally an early riser and am considered by my friends to be honest, hard working and an achiever. I am a homeowner, financially secure and not a moocher. I enjoy working on mechanical things, or rather tinkering around the house or on my motorcycle, etc. My interests are many, varied and run the gamut between a good chess game to hard labor, if youre intrseting will like to hear from you as well, bye xx , hope to chat you soon. bye x

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Doesn’t remember his own name
Nigerian wording

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