John Jake,

username: jake123
name: John Jake
age: 41
location: Moody, Alabama, United States
ethncity: Native American
occupation: military
marital status: single

IP address:

am honest , kindly , i love planning with kids , i love planing football, i love dancing , am looking for a soul mate that will be long for me .

Hello, a little about me

How are you doing? I hope you are doing Great. Honestly i really enjoyed our last conversation, you have a good sound of humor and i notice we have a lot of things in common i would feel happy to get in touch with such a woman like you….Well as i had promised earlier on that once i recieved your email, i will reply back to you .Here is just little about me…

I am jake john by real name, I was born on 19th of january,1971 (41yrs).I am 5ft 9tall in height,have black hair and black eyes, A christian Catholic by religious.I am a single man, widowed for good 3years, has a kid of 8years and 6yrs old named Robin and gift by name who lived with nanny in the state.My mum was born and raised in Kansas city while my Dad was born in Spain but raised in Carlifonia,USA. My mum name is rebecca john while my Dad name is David john.We are two that our parents gave birth to….My Older brother is named Bryan john while i was the Youngest son of our parents. There was a dispute among them which led to seperation, My mum moved to Corpus Christi,Texas while my Dad moved to CA.I lived with my Mum before she died while Bryan lived with my Dad before he died in WA. My mum was a business woman that travels alot due to her business,make transactions with diferent companies/banks…..Oh to be honest, She was a lovely Mum to say, she doesn`t hide anythnig for me before she died….So painful i lost her.My Dad was an Engineer/Contractor, Bryan was raised by him and was trained to become an Engineer/Contractor by my Dad.Well its so painful Death took our parents away but still Thank Almighty God for what He has done in our Life, He provide all our needs according to what we asked from Him….I love my Older Brother named Bryan…A lovely brother to say.

I am an Active Duty Army, I was crowned Staff Sergeant in the U.S Army. I joined the Army at the age of 27yrs and securing my nation for good 23yrs…I am very proud of myself to say…I had been deployed to a lot of countries based on different mision but currently reside at Baghdad,Iraq for a peace keeping mission. I had been here for 2years but planning to be back home after figuring out my retirement project.Honestly, i am tired of been lonely cos it looks boring. I had tried to find a lovely and caring woman(real life) but i date once and figured out she was playing games with me…This made me to almost quit relationship with Women but i was encouraged and introduced to Online Dating site ( my BestFriend ever…..He got married to a Wonderful Woman named Lori…both met themselves in the site and finally they got married and gave birth to two wonderful kids….I joined matchdoctor since past two weeks…do not work on the site much but it was the day i saw your profile at the right hand side of my profile….I like it,it look attractive and i will like to get in touch with you tess….I am planning to get back to the state soon(after my retirement) and My Goals is to find the right woman that will be my bestfriend as well as my lover,Also to make sure i create a Wonderful Education Background for my kids.

I am very true real, not materialistic, but do enjoy the finer things in life. One of my fundamental beliefs is how we treat one another. I am passionate about respect appreciation for other people. I am easily touched by the simplest of things. I love to laugh and love humor on all levels. I try and enjoy every minute of day. I am giving and forgiving person.. One of the most important things for me in a relationship is Loyalty, Honesty Sincerity. I am looking for someone that knows what they are looking for desire to make a real future with someone special. Someone as a Companion, Friend, Coach, Lover Mentor. Someone who i can gain strength from, just being with them, who’s eye’s i can look into and know that everything will be alright, someone i can trust and turn over my Heart to and will know be able to take care of it. pls get back to me with your yahoo email so we can chat to togethere , here is mine , waiting for you reply .


jake john


IP is Nigeria, while claiming to be a US military
Nigerian wording

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