Profiles of scammers 2

The social networks and dating sites are chocked with African scammers!!! Be careful!! Here are some examples of their profiles and messages, with pictures stolen from the innocent men. In reality, scammers behind these profiles are black Nigerians and Ghanaians.

1. Richard

55 / Male / Straight / single

Joined August 25, 2014. From Los Angelos,CA. Living in Los Angeles, California.

i m a very easy going man who is down to earth, loving, romantic, loyal, humble, sincere, passionate genuine, faithful and above all a very honest man. I enjoy long talks accompanied by long walks. I like to make people laugh. I am extremely respectful of others and treat everyone with the utmost dignity. . I have a smile that can melt your heart and eyes that sparkle at your touch. A heart that surrounds you with warmth, compassion, and love. I have a great sense of humor, too. So I have been told. If you think you can handle that and are still interested…, I enjoy the outdoors, taking walks enjoying nature and strolling on the beach. I am simple, outgoing, family oriented person, love to spend time with my family, make people laugh show love to other around me especially people in need, i love to help people in any way i can. I am adventurous that you will find interesting to get along with.. I can go out and p aint the town red or I can sit at home and cuddle up to watch a movie with that certain someone special in my life. serious when it is necessary

I am very open minded and willing to try new things. I love to travel but once in a while I don’t mind being a homebody. I love history,sports, going to movies and museums and so on. I have been described as a caring and warm person who always thinks of others before himself. I hope to find the right person who is ready for a possible commitment. I want someone who wants to grow old with me. I am looking for sincerity and who takes a relationship heart

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2. johnson philip

49 / Male / Straight / widowed

Joined September 5, 2014. From baltimore high school. Living in Baltimore, Maryland.

I am johnson philip by name,a well going man cool quiet and I love meeting new people and like to move out with them and I love my family ,I hate cheaters and if you are one please don’t bother yourself to message me if you want to know me please message me here

How are you doing…….I have check your profile and I will be very glad if you can reply me back I am phillips johnson

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3. waynefav23

51 / Male / Straight / Widowed

Joined March 11, 2014. From New York. Living in Los Angeles, California. Attended Columbia University.Completed graduate school at Colimbia University.

I’m just an Earth dwelling human being, that walks to the beat of my own drum. I pretty much let the world and society do its thing while I do mine! Like to have fun and tend not to stress out over little things that don’t matter. I’m an easy going guy that likes the simple things in life. I also like to shop, eat out, go to a ball game or just relax at home, cook a nice meal and watch tv or a movie.

Hello dear, How you doing today? Am Scott William, single and widowed. Am new to this but i came across your profile, Am a Down, Earth man, open minded one, I’m seeking a woman who loves to smile, has a good sense of humor and isn’t afraid to show affection with a touch, A woman of integrity who appreciates the fact that intimacy involves more than just anything. Someone who doesn’t believe in playing games and if the time comes is not afraid of commitment and understands the importance of being faithful. Reply back if i got what you are looking for in a man.

jeff 2 jeff 1 Palacio Real jeff 3

4. petercham44

48 / Male / Straight / single

Joined August 31, 2014. Living in Crestline, California.

i dont have much to say on this site than to finally get my soul mate. im tired of the fake people on here. all scammers please stay away from me. i am a very nice, easy going and a responsible man ready for love. im too old for games. i need someone to love and be with for the rest of my life. hoping to get her on this site. hello cute how are you can we chat?

IMG201404190081219 - Copy

5. casia

54 / Male / Straight / single

Joined September 8, 2014. From michigan.. Living in Los Angeles, California.

I am warnock carter by name bought my friends call me casia.I am a gentle man with big heart and beutiful personality.I show consign and respect people.when you are coming throgh the door I am the guy who holds it for you and gives you a humble smile and a soft HELLO.I work hard with my mind and my hands and a cool,respectful person who really wants to experience love in its full sense and also I am very social,an outstanding person.I am not well balanced financially,but I am a man of true character who believes in giving evryone a fair chance and expects the same.I am looking for a long term relationship and also I need some one who will love me and want me in her life.

Hello,am warnock carter by name and you are?sorry am new online and I realy want to make friends so please would you mind if we get to start by become friends?I would appreciate it so much if you give me a chance.hoping for some feedback,I love you.



48 / Male / Straight

Joined September 21, 2014. Living in Los Angeles, California.

my name is ADAM MORGAN i am from italy but i grow up and base in London here, i live with my daughter. i wish to find a companion here someone who will understand me and love me and someone who i will love too. i am a contractor i who with WANE construction company here in London and i also has my own firm


7. TendaLC1

47 / Male / Straight / Single(Never married)

Joined November 27, 2014. Living in Wayzata, Minnesota. Attended colorado school of mines.

I am reserved and can also be outspoken as at when necessary,I am independent,successful,honest very much of an open book who is ready to take on a life adventure. I am looking for a forever and a day kind of relationship with an awesome other half,would rather remain single than settle for anything less


8. CuteRobbert56

55 / Male / Straight / widowed

Joined December 4, 2014. From Channahon. Living in Channahon, Illinois.

Hi, I rewrote this (again) because am not sure if anyone really reads this? It does seem as though most people on here are looking for just a thrill or two, fair enough…I dont judge am open minded , and can certainly go with the flow. I can tell who is, and who isnt looking for that special someone. Truthfully, it would be absolutely amazing if I found that “one” , but realistically I dont think on this site it would be feasible. If anyone is REALLY interested in getting to know me, the person ? well here goes…read on. am an animal lover, especially dogs, Im very family oriented. I enjoy a glass of wine and good conversation over a nice dinner . I am (obviously) older….BUT please dont let that deter you, I am extremely young in all other aspects! I need someone who is laid back, easygoing, funny…and really up for holding their own in the bedroom…just being honest. I do have much love to offer the right person, if youre out there? I appreciate you taking the time to read this far, if theres anything else that you would like to know, please message me. Thank you!

Hi Cute pictures and Nice profile i am here to see if there are still any honest woman out there that is ready for a one man one woman relationship with no lies no head games i will be looking forward to hear back from you real soon bye for now …….Rod Cares.


9. William honest

52 / Male / Straight / sinlge

Joined September 9, 2014. From Chicago. Living in Los Angeles, California.

My friends call me William I’m a marine biologist, and professional conditioning coach and Pilates instructor. I am raising my son and always striving to be a better father and person. I am an accommodating and giving person. I like to give for the sake of giving. I am healthy, with a younger, active-energy lifestyle. I am an avid athlete who loves to compete (surfer/skier/mountain biker/martial artist). I love a physical challenge; yet, I do love to relax and sleep in at times. Even though I love to train and compete, I want my relationship to be my first priority, and to share my training time and free time with a special person. My partner doesn’t need to be an avid athlete. Family and friendship are the most important to nurture. I enjoy and value the arts and cooking and am willing to practice to improve. I enjoy being organized. I endeavor to be an excellent listener, and to be a thoughtful, supportive partner. I attempt to be aware of others, and what’s important for them first, in any environment. I can be independent, but want a caring partner so that I can be part of an interdependent team. I enjoy equal, respectful relationships where both partners are able to take responsibility for themselves, and together can smoothly resolve an issue or conflict. I enjoy contact and touch (kinesthetic). I’m sensitive, empathetic, caring, with a good sense of humor and a creative imagination! I have completed a Pilate’s certification, and have a huge passion for the ocean (Marine Biology) and performance surfing. I care a lot about the environment.


10. Markiss77

41 / Male / Straight

Joined April 24, 2014. Living in Los Angeles, California.

Hi.. Full-time Soldier in the Army Reserves. Civilian profession is Jeweler and Glass Designer/Cutter(Glazer). Single and Father of two beautiful young girls. By the way I love them to bits! Been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevertheless I am fun to be around. I like to go to the beach, hangout with friends, hangout with my kids. I have two of them. They are my everything. I am kind of obsessed with cars. I love them. I like to drive too. Please feel free to ask me any question if you feel like contacting me. I will always try to get on here as much as I can to reply messages.

Hello beautiful, I don’t mean to bother you but can I borrow some of your time? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sergeant Mark kisielewski. You can read more about me on my profile. I happen to be a victim of your eye catching profile, and I want you to believe me when I say I am stuck on your lines and your pictures. I personally would like to get to know you more. Reading from you alone would make my day. Please do have a wonderful day. Mark cares.

kisielewski 83 kisielewski 56 kisielewski 79

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11. funnybee

54 / Male / Straight / single

Joined May 30, 2014. From parma. Living in Cleveland, Ohio.

I’m totally clueless as to how to make this interesting, so I guess I’ll just stick to the basics as much as a possible.. I’m caring understanding, playful and impulsive that I may show it to those people i consider special- friends, family and that one special person.. I’m career-driven and focused on achieving purpose because i sincerely believe that there’s so much more to be gotten out of life especially if we find us.. I’m real estates and my job takes me places round the country and sometimes outside.. traveling often has given a deeper sense of appreciation of the finer things of life and makes me realize that above all, life is not just complete without that one person that makes living not just a routine but the best gift ever..

how are you? what a simple, short and meaningfull and direct and blunt profile you have got. i just came here few days ago and hoping to meet a woman and my last love. you can kindly go through my profile too.


12. toni benson

48 / Male / Straight / single

Joined August 11, 2014. From beverly hills,california USA. Living in Beverly Hills, California.

Am honnest,well caring,trustworthy and I want that in woman also to spend the rest of my life with and we can also grow old together…I hate cheater and lier in my life….I don’t want to care about age because age is just a number to me so love is the best

bensonsteven775 abi

13. scottmass112

52 / Male / Straight / separated

Joined June 25, 2014. From beverly hills,CA. Living in Beverly Hills, California.

I’m a single Dad and have been Single for about 3 years,,, like to think I have a good sense of humor, although I’m not sure my kid would agree! I love to shop till I drop, but do have some self control due to limited funds LOL. I collect recipes and I like to cook when I have the time. I LOVE to lay in the bed and read and just be lazy! I enjoy traveling and seeing new places and things but I am usually ready to come home within 3-4 days. I really enjoy my home and like to piddle around cleaning or straightening things. I don’t usually have much time to do that – so my house is far from perfect, but I enjoy the end result when I have the time!! I’m into recycling and don’t like to waste anything. I hate anyone who litters, how hard is it to put trash in a trash can? I like to garden and love to see the flowers bloom in the spring. I hate to be lied to. It insults me, I’m not stupid and when I am lied to, I feel like the one doing the lying thinks I am! I guess I have some trust issues but I am working on that. I’m just me. I don’t know what else to say. I think I must be very unique or very boring?? You figure it out. If you want to know something, I guess just ask!

Hello dear, I’m scott by name, you really have a nice picture on here, I’d really love to get to know you more, could you tell me more about yourself please? I want to get to know you more, got attracted to you by the nice picture and profile you’ve got on here… Hoping to hear from you soon.. Scott


14. Jhnmiller16

46 / Male / Straight / Divorced

Joined April 11, 2013. From California . Living in Los Angeles, California.

I have a great sense of humor and appreciate others who are able to see the humor in life . Some of the ways I like to spend my free time is hiking and walking wherever I can , listening to music , traveling and exploring new places , meeting new people and learning new thing

damn i bet you av a pretty lovely smile!! Single Fun Loving man just care to say hi to you Wanna know more? Hit me up!!!.hope to read from you soon..ok sweety you may contact me on my yahoo at ; and you can send text messages +1(571) 306-

scotland_dating_3622701 image

15. henry12

59 / Male / Straight / Divorce

Joined August 16, 2014. From Miami. Living in San Diego, California. Attended Texas.Completed graduate school at Texas.

I am outwardly calm and unobtrusive, i love silence and solitude, and i have a rich inner life and a vivid imagination. i are extremely creative, often artistically inclined, original, profound, and sometimes mystical. i trust your inspirations, i feel committed to your ideals, and i put great emphasis on inner harmony and integrity.

But apparently life can show us such wonders, that we can stay amazed like children, wondering how this could happen to us! Well, I want to thank you for being my best friend, for being my angel.


16. Jorgeramos

48 / Male / Straight / Single

Joined May 29, 2014. From Whittier. Living in Whittier, California.

I am jorge ramos from Whittier in california so I have been lonely for the past 3years and I lost my wife to an auto crash accident.I am looking for a person who has a passion for living and having fun. I am a serious yet funny individual that enjoys eating out ,dancing , going to the movies, and just spending quality time with an individual that is as humorous and loving as I am. I am looking for the possible woman of my dreams: Compassionate, Caring, Loving, Understanding, Trusting, Loyal, Respectful and Honest. Am not seeking any important age range, am ok with what ever God or whoever Gods wants me to be with

Hello ,am Ramos, i was scrolling down and i saw your pics and i read your profile and it really sound good to me ,i can’t wait to know you better ,am here looking forward to someone who is going to make me happy and who is going to lead me to a new world ,and i mean who is honest caring and who as God fearing who is going to be a good woman to me and my people and who is gonna make me forget my sorrow cause I’ve experience a lots of things before in fact am really tired of being alone cos i have lose my ex wife she died on auto accident, that is why i was introduced to this so that i can find my soul mate and who am gonna spend the rest of my life with forever ,so i guess that you are a good and caring woman ,i cant wait to read back from you soon ,thanks so much for reading my message…..Jorge Ramos

image (1)

17. charles

52 / Male / Straight / single

Joined May 27, 2014. From california. Living in Los Angeles, California.

My ambition is to inspire my beloved woman constantly, to help her to keep the balance between career and private life, just as she would also inspire me to do good. Love is most paramount for me, i need a companion to share my life with, who wants to create a strong family. I want to take long walks with her and share what life has in stall for us both joy and sorrow. I’d like to look up to her as an authority for me, be proud of her, adore her, be supportive, she would have my devotion, understanding,kindness, care, calmness, cheerfulness,soul support and my great love. I expect to get all these traits from her too in return,

hello how are u doing , am charles by name , am new to dating stuff, i was just strolling by and saw u looking gorgeous … are u single


18. glenn

49 / Male / Straight

Joined October 17, 2014. Living in Carlsbad, California.

Am Glenn Leider,49yrs single,my dad is from Italy why my mum is from California,am a Honest Sincere man,and am a one man one woman,i hate cheater and game players,am looking for a caring Honest sincere woman to make the woman of my life,and i promise to handle re like a Queen!!!!!

Hello Pretty,How re you doin,am Glenn leider,from California,49yrs,single dad with just one little son his just 8yrs now,i was so impressed about what i saw on ur profile so i decide to write u this few note about my intress towards you,,,if we can chat less get to know each other more better less see what the future have for us if you don’t mind swweetie?…….Pls i wait so patiently to hear from u soon thanks

5 1

19. dillardtony

54 / Male / Straight / single `

Joined June 24, 2014. From los angeles california. Living in Los Angeles, California. Attended bishop mora salesian high school .Completed graduate school at university of california .

I am a cool headed, nice, romantic, fun to be with, understanding, faithful and truthful man, I love to live life, I love to be happy, I am generous, straight forward. I am a strong hardworking man, God fearing, I do not smoke, never smoked but I love to have a bottle of beer or red wine once in a while, my heart is empty, I wanna meet my woman soon, I wanna give her all the love I have…………

Hi Angel How are you today? I am searching for a woman ready to meet a man for something serious, I like what I see and will love to know you better, I understand you might think the distance is just too much but to me distance is nothing, I just wanna meet the right one, so please check me out and reply me if you like to talk, bye for now. dillard


20. nash180

48 / Male / Straight / single

Joined May 23, 2014. From paris,tx united state. Living in Paris, Texas.

I am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, kindhearted,compassionate ,tolerant,,I am also a one woman Man ,want a good woman with a good heart,one with good knowledge about love and who knows how a man is been treated,age or color difference do not matter,as long as she loves me,I want a relationship that will last forever and won’t fade no matter what. Can you believe we are here looking through other peoples profiles?! Hum, I would have never guessed this would be me. So, as hard as it seems.. here it goes, Again!…Well this is probably the last place I expected to find someone….Chemistry is a must. I am attracted to a woman who is confident, intelligent, interesting…Most importantly, she has the ability to bring out my romantic, passionate side ..I am basically looking for a woman who I can talk to, spend time with, and who will be joy of my life. I think I have a good head on my shoulders and have good morals and values. thanks for reading. I really only ask for honesty and respect cos I believe In 3 L’s Live, Love and Laugh.

How are you doing and how is life generally? Someone introduced me to this app and I decided to give it a trial, I don’t know where to start but I know we all need love and we want love in return, what are you looking for? How long have you been searching on this dating site? Be honest in your answer and we can change the world together,feel free to ask me anything you like to know about me too. Nash

nash 2 nash3 nash

21. emotionalwilliam22

59 / Male / Straight / Widow

Joined March 2, 2014. From Rome . Living in Beverly Hills, California.

Let’s see, where to start. I would say that I am a very down to earth man, someone who enjoys life and tries to live it the best I can. I enjoy the simple things that life offers rather then being caught up into all the craziness one can experience. I love the outdoors especially the beach, catching a sunset then taking in the sounds of the crashing waves it can be so soothing. I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life and not take people or things for granted. Instead I appreciate who they are and what they have done to make me a better person.

Hello , how are you doing today ? Well i was just fooling around and came across your profile… I just could not pass by without saying hi… So i am saying hi… and would be glad to have the chance to get t know you… That is if you dont mind about that… Looking forward to hear from you soon…

1st Jan 2013

22. tonyboy4u

44 / Male / Straight

Joined September 22, 2014. Living in Long Beach, California.

am tony terry by name have once marry before,i came here to look for an humble and loving woman here.i live in united state,i love music so much and love playing basketball as well… am looking for a trustworthy woman on this site,that will both understand each other and so loving person

Hi, You’re cute and your charming pics caught my sight. I would like to be your friend. Tony is my name and you?


23. michealhandsome

50 / Male / Straight

Joined November 2, 2014. Living in Los Angeles, California.

I am really looking for a women who’s completely honest and sincere about his words and feelings who’s ready for a long term relationship. Who’s ready to build up a family with someone real? i want a woman who i know i can have faith and completely trust with all my heart. Because to make a standard relationship it must really be based on trust. Love and trust are one big family and with both. a relationship can be the greatest you ever imagine when you finally meet the right person in your life.

Hello, How has your day been going, I must confess you truly have a nice profile and i will like to get to know you, micheal is my name and am new to online dating but my reason on this site is to
find a real honest woman who is ever ready to make a happy home and take very good care of her Husband, i don’t know your heart for now but all i feel is to know your heart better and also know mine to see how strong we can be in making great friends. tell me little about your self if possible to have

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24. Davidadams233

35 / Male / Straight

Joined October 27, 2014. Living in Los Angeles, California.

I am a very sincere and honest person,am caring,kind,social,s mart, intelligent,passionate, friendly,romantic,an d i believe in the truth and honest of love, I am a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that special person and i am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i don’t like hurting peoples feelings,cause everyone has a chance to laugh,so why do i make them sad,i am very easy to get along with,fun to be with and am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation and my life is based on the truth and honest of self personality. I love someone with a great sense of humor ,but also is sexy, focused, determined, loving and secure with himself.I love to dance and sing karaoke…I am on here looking for a long term relationship, a woman who is a REAL woman, and who is not here for Games.I turn off lies and as such i do not need a liar. I try to make the most of any situation… I love to have fun and love for everyone around me to have fun also

Hi dear! I love your profile, I was just browsing around and found your profile. I just had to message you!! — are you still single? love to know you am David Adams by name,I’m widower and really searching for someone next to my heart could you be the one? I hope to hear from you soon bye


25. 43blake

45 / Male / Straight / single

Joined October 11, 2014. From long beach. Living in Long Beach, California. Attended high school.Completed graduate school at Graduate .

I am an intelligent and sensitive man whom enjoys writing and cares about people. I live alone with my kids and have been alone for the past 6 years. I am looking to find someone to share my life with. Someone who is a football fanatic would be nice, cause I am, lol, yet I also enjoy other things such as nature and fishing or sitting by a nice fire at night. I am a simple person who definitely believes in God and that people need each other. hopefully my Juliet is looking for me too.looking for lasting love

Hello, I’m James blake 45 years 5″10 tall with brown eyes and bald hair …Seeking for a very nice beautiful woman like you and honest,distance is not the problem for me i just need the real woman that will show me love i can move to anywhere to find my real lover,I am a kind man with a good heart. I am honest, dependable,loving, gentle, affectionate and have good friendship. I feel that a WOMAN is God’s undeserved gift to MAN and she is supposed to be loved, reverenced, protected, respected, and cherished, and see where this would lead us.. I would like someone that will love and respect me for who I am, that likes to hold my hand and surprise me with a little kiss when I least expect it,or give me a wink from across the room to let me know that she’ thinking about me or give a call to let know she really miss me … Because I will be doing the same..

22 (1) 10

26. desmond

54 / Male / Straight

Joined May 19, 2014. Living in Chicago, Illinois.

I’m a fun loving and endearing man. I’m here seeking my soul mate,someone i can love and that will love me back same way. A God fearing woman,The Bible says” Seek the Kingdom of God first and every other thing shall be added on to you” I’ve sort the kingdom so i am waiting for 1 of my other things that’s my Dream woman and i believe when i have a woman that has the fear of God she wouldn’t hurt my feelings and emotion which i have for her. i love camping,swimming,fishing,traveling and watching American soccer…….. Pls if you are from Africa do not contact me

Hello, Am Desmond i came across your profile and i notice how stunning you are this got me elated so i wish to know u more i hope you wouldn’t mind and do not feel embarrassed..will love to read back from you. Cheers!!! Desmond.


27. Smith

49 / Male / Straight / Divorced

Joined October 1, 2014. From New York City. Living in Rockwall, Texas. Attended Stockholms sweden high school.Completed graduate school at Stockholms university.

i’m Tom by name, i’m years 50 years old, i’m from New york city but currently leaving in Rockwall, Texas. i’m a Nutritionist/dietitian, i do a lot of things for fun, i love going to the beach, going for a long walk, shopping and going out with friends,i’m a single parent now i’m searching for a sincere, loving caring, honest woman, who i can share my dream with, someone who i can trust and will trust me also..I am ambitious, imaginative, kind, sensitive, self-confident, generous to a fault, and loyal. I’m not a Vegan, I love to cook. I am also interested in trading, technology, engineering, or working for myself. I believe I am intelligent and that i have the capacity to be a great friend and lover and open to possibilities with the right soul-mate because i grew up to love and to care for others.

i’m Tom Smith Windgate by name, i’m 52years old, i’m from the United States, i’m a Nutritionist/dietitian, i do a lot of things for fun, i love going to the beach, going for a long walk, shopping and going out with friends,i’m a divorced though, we have two great kids, Madison and Kevin they are my joy, now i’m searching for a sincere, loving caring, honest woman, who i can share my dream with, someone who i can trust and will trust me


28. johnson

49 / Male / Straight

Joined September 4, 2014. From san deigo. Living in La Jolla, California.

am lovin and caring, i love hanging out with friends listening to music, traveling,spending more and quality time with friends. i love to luagh! dreams; to find love again, caring,supportind, compassionate friend. i love romantic gentle nd easy going woman, someone who with be enable to put a positive things to my life

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29. nate

49 / Male / Straight

Joined August 18, 2014. Living in Austin, Texas.

I would describe myself as a happy person, intelligent, well educated, sociable, caring and clean. I`m open-minded, sensitive,truthful,passionate, with a great sense of humor …responsible and serious when I have to be. I love music, traveling, meeting people and all is beautiful…..feel free to ask me any other thing you wanna know about me

Hi Pretty, love your attracting and charming smile on your face. I am Nate Greer….I just finished going through your profile.. I love what i saw. You have all i need in a woman. You have a great smile… Only God’s creations can compare to the beauty that I see in you. No one realizes the beauty of love, until you’re caught in it. The greatest gift to my eyesight is having my eyes set on you..please i will like to get to know more about you if you don’t mind okay, i hope to hear from you very soon dear….thanks


30. PEN456

50 / Male / Straight / Divorced

Joined August 12, 2014. From Allen. Living in Cobhill, Kentucky.

I should tell you that I am very open-minded; i don’t accept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don’t close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public…..For me, tradition and custom are usually roadblocks to progress and happiness.

Hello, How re you doing? My name is Richard, single man, And looking out for the right Woman and I will like to know you more and better.. so i will be Glad if you email me back and tell me more about you and let me know if you re single? so email me back and tell me all about you and i will get back to you and tell you all about me.. so i am waiting to hear back from you…


31. focus

43 / Male / Straight / divorced

Joined April 27, 2014. From barcelona. Living in Los Angeles, California.

I am not a night life person but its nice to come back home from work to that special person to talk to,someone whom would ask you how your day went,someone whom would kiss you take off your suits .I’m 42 yrs of age Originally Spanish.I’m 6’3tall and about 178lbs.Light I am honest, dependable, loving, gentle, affectionate and have good friendship.

Hello there,i just went through your profile and it got me attracted to you,you’ve got a lovely profile and i wouldn’t mind knowing more about you and hopefully meet you face to face,am James and am new here, i don’t mind if we could start up as being friends and from there we can see how it goes,please feel free to ask me whatever you would like to know about me. i hope you have a lovely day and i hope to hear from you someday soon.

James f

32. vamos101

49 / Male / Straight / single

Joined October 19, 2014. From virginia. Living in Vienna, Virginia

About Me
I’m a gentle man..I have never hurt anyone in my life before and i will not try that now..I’m not a fighter but a lover, i don’t drink i don’t smoke and i don’t do drugs..I will never hit a woman never..I’m not abusive and I’m not controlling.I will never lie to anyone. all what i need here is a good woman who will be honest with me

hello i’m larry … i lost my wife 6years ago…i’m looking forward to meet a good and honest woman here…a good woman who i would love and she would love me the way i love her .if you wish to know more about me text me on my phone so we could talk better 571-882-1031

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33. nigel aka Ronald Wilson

60 / Male / Straight / single

Joined March 5, 2015. From michigan. Living in Royal Oak, Michigan.

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My heart is full of love and honest with trustworthy for the woman that know to useful and how to handle it.i am Nigel by name single man with great sense of humor and hum.Caring, Communicative, Family Oriented, Generous, Goal Oriented, Honest, Humble, Low Maintenance, Organized, Outdoorsy, Positive Attitude, Problem Solver, Religious, Respectful of Others Opinions, Self Confident , Sensitive, Strong Integrity


34. Charles

44 / Male / Straight / divorced

Joined September 15, 2014. From colorado. Living in Faribault, Minnesota.

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I am SgtCharles. Laduca living in Mankota, MinnesotaUnited States , I am an America solider and I am 40 years, presently living Nigeria for my duties. Am a military police offficer,I have a Daughter she is all i have and her name is Mitchell she is 6 years old….i got divorced few years back but now am searching for an Honest, Trustworthy, and very matured God fearing woman that am gonna spend the rest of my life with…No games and please read before saying Hi

hello beautiful angel how is life and work treating you out there your profile caught my attention and i will like to know more about you. my email is

charlie13 charlie35

35. happer11

56 / Male / Straight

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I’m a nice very attractive man, but more beautiful inside, independent with a family values. I like to go to the gym, walking, dancing even I don’t know how, I’m learning..I dont have pets. I love horses.I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming, as I love the ocean and sea,I like travelling, diving, dancing, drawing, skating and bowling, billiards, football (soccer),I enjoy music so much, classical Blues R & b and modern..I am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humour, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look.


36. Peter White

49 / Male / Straight

Joined January 8, 2015. Living in San Diego, California.

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How are u doing ? My name is Peter White and here’s a brief about me. I’m single,always myself,am a kinda guy that loves to make a woman happy and I know how to make a woman feel special,I’m here for something serious,i’m just me no drama,and I want the same in a woman,i’m not saying I want a perfect woman. Course sincerely no one is but I want someone to call my own and who loves me for me.

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37. free4love

54 / Male / Straight

Joined January 17, 2015. Living in New York City, New York.

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i’m very loving man with a very big heart i don’t play games and i don’t lie, i love any thing to do with the out doors love music all kinds cuddling,holding hands in public giving long passionate kisses no matter were we are at the time i’m not shy,love to go to the beach with a wine,light a fire and look at the stars and love making a woman feel special and sexy, here is a little bit about me and what kind of man i am…

hello….. hope you had a lovely day at work…. loved your profile picture and felt dropping a message of hi be cool…. wishing you a lovely night rest…….

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38. winkelh

48 / Male / Straight / single

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I’m winkel 48years with kid a girl I was born in spain but live here in jacksonville florida ever since I have lost my late daddy in my 20 years age and I have been single over 4years when my wife and my mum died in car accident ….I’m new in to all this online stuff but a frined ask me to open this site if I can find the trust and honest woman to spend the rest of my life with her a serious relationship..thank you

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39. smith love

73 / Male / Straight / single

Joined April 8, 2015. From Los Angeles, California, United States.

I am nice and Honest Guy who like go do all things in a the way i wanted(Love being myself)I am Like and OPEN Book and also like to be Open minded..Need Friend and maybe latter something Good out of THis.i love my life..i love to be friendly to everyone and always make everyone laugh…

How are You doing This Beautiful Midweek ?? Any way am Smith 58 years of age from Califonia and will really love to get to Know This Beautiful Damsel Reading My message,i will so much appreciate You if you can allow us share more about Each other and see what Goes after That..If You dont mind You can Hit me On (650) 427-9703 so we can talk and share more about eachother Ok.. Stay bless….

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40. frankie4fed

53 / Male / Straight / divorced

Living in Diamond Bar, California.

About Me
I am simple Italian man with a great sense of humor. I like Swimming, holding hands in the beach, cooking, singing and dancing, traveling and reading. I like the adventurous life style. I like socializing in order to get new ideas about positive things. I am a very caring and romantic man, loving and elegant in dressing, have good countenance Smile and don’t easily get worried or irritated about any thing. Life is always positive in my agenda. I hope this would be my last hunting because I am here to fish you out in the ocean.

Hello beauty.. How you doing to night and how was your day? I am Frankie by name.. I just wanna say you have got a beautiful smile and I would like to get to know more about you.. Please text me on 512-730-1763… I hope to hear from you soon.. Have a great night rest..

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