IP addresses of scammers – check to see if IP address was used in scams

Checking IP address is crucial in determining if a person is a scammer. The IP address reveals where a person is physically located. If they lie about their location, they are dodgy. However, the scammers are aware of IP checks, so they use VPNs and proxies: the services that disguise their real IP and replace it with a fake one. This is where this service comes handy. It will detect if the IP is fake, was used in scams before or belongs to a “bad neighborhood”.

This section is intended for webmasters of the dating sites and social networks. However, if you are a potential victim and know the scammer’s IP address, you can also check it here.

For webmasters: if you have a suspicious registration and are in doubt if it’s a scammer or not, you can check their IP address in our database. We were compiling this database for 15 years (since 2004) and it contains millions and millions of IPs. If the result says “This is a bad IP, it was used in scams before”, it is most likely a scammer, better kick them out for good.

Please enter the suspect’s IP address in the form below. Make sure there are no blank spaces at the beginning and at the end of the IP address, which sometimes happen when you copy and paste.

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