James Brown, jmbrown023@gmail.com

username: jbrown023
name: James Brown
email: jmbrown023@gmail.com
age: 58
location: Geneva, Switzerland
ethnicity: white
occupation: government
marital status: divorced

IP address:

Energetic, Passionate, kindhearted, intelligent with great sense of humor,loving nature, other focused, love to travel, always ready for an adventure, believe that sunsets are God’s goodnight kiss. My smile can light up a room, non drama, honesty is important, believe that quality communication is the foundation to a solid relationship, imagine being with someone who is a great conservationist, believe that a long tender kiss, can melt any scares away. and that hugs unite hearts.
My soul is looking for a nice woman who wants to take a journey in life with an exciting man by her side.

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