Frank Huerta,

username: frankhuerta1962
name: Frank Huerta
age: 55
location: Zürich, Switzerland
ethnicity: pacific islander
occupation: Fisherman
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am very honest, faithful, understanding, loyal to my partner not only my partner but also my self as well. I am not here into playing games. Those kind of childish games make me sick it’s hurting me knowing that fact that there’s many people in this world Who is playing games taking advantage to anyone. Me my self I am not here into that stupid business my attention here is clean and pure I wanted only to find a woman who could become my life time partner. The woman who can give me true love and true happiness I am not interested into short term relationship. I wanted to have long term relationships that would lead into married. I am wishing and hoping that one day I could meet the woman who could be my future husband the woman I could fight for and the woman who I can share my life forever. I am willing to give her everything in the name of love that’s the kind of man I am. If you really think you are that woman i been saying here write me.

message: –

IP is Ghana
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description was used in scams before
Picture doesn’t correspond his claimed race

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