Anderson Di Maggio,

username: anderson
name: Anderson Di Maggio
age: 51
location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
ethnicity: white
occupation: construction
marital status: widowed
scammer’s real name: Adaeze Ezumba

IP address:

I’m energetic and love people. I have a higher calling to impact generations, and I’m doing just that. Not only in my work, but everyday, right where I am. I love children and can give up anything to see a smile on there face. I have dedicated my life to caring and protect for other people to make sure they rest while i protect them. I live in the moment but respect my past as a learning opportunity to become a better person. I don’t take myself too seriously, and tend to be quick to forgive others. I must laugh daily to survive. Family is a very high priority to me. I tend to work more than play because I love what I do. I will leave a legacy to my children that will never be erased. God is my source for everything and I trust and love Him.

message: –

IP is Turkey
IP doesn’t correspond location
Email contains his real Nigerian name
Nigerian scamming from Turkey

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