Mia Grace, mia.grace@email.com

username: Mariette
name: Mia Grace
email: mia.grace@email.com
age: 29
location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or New York, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: medical or finance
marital status: single

IP address:

The goodness of the soul and brilliance I feel in my eyes. Of course I not queen but thoroughbred Kitty 🙂 I love simplicity in communication and sea of romanticism. And if you pat me then I’ll be white and fluffy. But I don’t advise waking devil in me 🙂 I hope little story about me will be beginning of our acquaintance 😉 My dream to find man with capital letter 🙂 But everything is very simple. Be polite and interesting. Affectionate and kind. In answer for your words. Prove deed than just words. Like Rafaello instead of a thousand words 🙂 Beautiful words and compliments always pleasant. And to be honest I dream of simple love that we all need so much 😉

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