Sean Olson,

username: Sean99
name: Sean Olson
age: 36
location: Athens, Georgia, United States
ethnicity: mixed
occupation: business man
marital status: single

IP address:

Well have got a lot to talk about myself but i will rather put it like this on here i am not that really good on my english because i do speak spanish and i live in spain all my life before i came back to US. I am a calm and sincere person. I consider myself an affectionate and generous man and also a good friend.I am uncompromisingly honest, passionate, courageous, intelligent, articulate, generous, kind, expressive, strong. I don’t smoke and neither I drink, only in occasions and good wine.I’m a romantic, positive, happy, and natural person. I am loving, tender, faithful and sincere. Am a creative man and of great character. I like the sports, the music, the nature,to go to the cinema, to the sea and the art. The destiny can do reality our illusions. I am adventurer, open, kind, strong and social. I enjoy the little things and the luxury too.i was born in US i live in Spain all my life my dad is from US while my mom is from Spain. I am looking for the special woman that will come into my life because i want to enjoy my free time and the life in general with the special woman that will come into my life.

hi pretty how are you today?

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