username: kelvic1333
name: Kelvic
age: 48
location: San Antonio, Texas, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: engineer
marital status: divorced

IP address:

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I would describe myself as an honest, sincere and loyal individual. I have a big heart, am easy going, have a great sense of humor, and genuine. Communication, good morals and integrity and a good sense of humor are important qualities to me. My friends describes me as intense, spontaneous, passionate, creative, thoughtful, genuine, caring, generous, and funny. I am a positive, happy, fun person. I love life and love people. I love making others smile and laugh and I am often smiling and laughing myself. I am adventurous and curious and love to do and learn new things. I am self-confident, honest, genuine, generous, and caring. I love doing nice things for others, sometimes without them knowing. I enjoy working together with others to achieve a set outcome and I believe I will enjoy that in a personal relationship as well.

message: –

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are stolen from a known source, from British man Brad T.
Profile description is widely used in scams
Nigerian wording

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