Frank Forque,

username: frankla
name: Frank Forque
age: 61 or 62
location: Bend, Oregon, United States, or Copenhagen, Denmark
ethnicity: white
occupation: Architect
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I love to do active physical things like playing hockey, skiing, running, hiking, biking, camping, walking, waterskiing, boating, backpacking & things that help keep us fit & enjoy the outdoors. I am looking for a woman to ruin her life with kindness. I am looking for what is in her heart & soul, not just the beauty of her skin, although some physical attraction is critical. I desire to find someone with great sense of humor and optimistic with life. I want to enjoy each day that life gives us together & live each day to its full potential. I do have faith in God.

message: –

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures were used in scams before
Registered on different sites with different details

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