Edmond Psaila, atmdeptafricard01@gmail.com

username: larrykelvin
name: Edmond Psaila
email: atmdeptafricard01@gmail.com
alternative name: Larry Kelvin
age: 50
location: London, United Kingdom, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
ethnicity: mixed
occupation: Civil Engineer
marital status: divorced

IP address:

I am a man who likes to kiss slowly, forgive quickly, laugh easily, love tenderly and embrace all that life has to offer. I love the outdoors, nature, the sea and mountains. I have an inner peace and relish life.

hello sweet im new on here loneliness has got the best of me in my heart and beside age is just a number to me and i want an old fashion lady who knows and we know what we are but know not what we may be hope to read back from you soonest stay blessed and e touched by the lord

IP is Malaysia
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are stolen from a known source, from Australian Nick P.
Registered on different sites with different details and names
Nigerian wording
Nigerian scamming from Malaysia

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