Daniel Anderson, dr.anderson770@gmail.com

username: dan009
name: Daniel Anderson
email: dr.anderson770@gmail.com
age: 39
location: Sunland, California, United States
ethnicity: native american
occupation: surgeon
marital status: divorced

IP address:

I like to be clean and organized and I like my mate to respect my wish in that regard. I am healthy individual with healthy habits and I do my best to continue to keep that healthy life style. I think of myself as a caring, kind, spiritually inclined & diverse individual due to my cultural background and upbringing. I do intend to be considerate to other people’s feelings and their needs. I am culturally adaptable, easy going and like to laugh and have fun. I like education, knowledge and information to help myself as well as others for improving our lives for better quality of living. My spirituality and believing in higher power (God) does remove me from our earthly and selfish desires which consequently protect me to minimize my urge to submit myself to superficiality, shallow way of thinking, weaknesses and corruption in my daily life.

message: –

IP is Gambia
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are stolen from a known source, from Dr. Mikhail V.
Profile description is widely used in scams

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