Patrick Gonzales,

39160_nusername: sgtpatrick
name: Patrick Gonzales
age: 52
location: Los Angeles, California, United states
ethnicity: hispanic
occupation: military
marital status: widowed

IP address:

Well, i am Patrick Gonzales by real name. I was born on 25th of july, 1964 (52 years ). I am 5 feet 9 tall in height, have a black hair and black eyes. I`m a Latin American/Hispanic by ethnic. I was born in Yucatan Penninsula Quintana Roo, Bacalar, Mexico but raised/grew up in Monetery, California before i got deployed here in Lagos mainland for keeping the mission safe . I`m the only child that my parents gave birth to. I have been brought-up in a very discipline atmosphere where values and principles have always been given priority

message: –

image 1888639_1376814372592139_2111432357_n 1964784_1376898759254032_164418051_n lhja2udp_63zf_0_mycugrb

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are widely used in scams
Nigerian wording

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