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avatar_27957_1456106284username: elisce
name: Elisce X
email: ithronegyal@yandex.com
age: 29
location: Milan, Italy
ethnicity: white
occupation: beautician
marital status: single

IP address:

I have a serious, active and honest approach to my life. I don’t stand lies and hypocrisy. I am fun. I enjoy open and interesting people. I am very curious and easy to learn something. I am a bit reckless, but know the right limit. I don’t like arguing and conflicts. I am very peaceful and pretty sentimental and sensual. I have a good heart, but I am not a shrinking violet. I believe it is always good to have reasonable ambitions and purposes. I believe it is possible to find harmony, but never without love in your hear.
i want to enjoy true love from a man . I will do everything so that this man is the happiest in the world. I hope that I can find my soulmate and I will give all my love to him and love him with all my heart forever . I want to feel a real man near me.

alternative description:
I can say that I am a nice, a bit shy , I come from a decent family . I am positive and good-mannered . I am always ready to help people and give my attention to them , i love to smile too and make others to smile , i despise people who tell lies , i want my husband to be faithful and caring , i have a lot of love to offer to him and our future children , i am going to devote my heart to love my children and my husband
I am really looking for a man who’s completely honest and sincere about his words and feelings who’s ready for a long term relationship . who’s ready to build up a family with someone real. I want a man who I know I can have faith and completelly trust with all my heart. because to make a standard relationship it must really be based on trust. love and trust are one big family and with both

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