Davis Mcburney, davismcburney@gmail.com

Davisusername: davismcburney
name: Davis Mcburney
email: davismcburney@gmail.com
age: 52
location: San Francisco, California, United States
ethncity: native american
occupation: –
marital status: single

IP address:

I love to travel, theater, dance,movies, nice music, cooking and a lot of other things… Sociable, Reliable, Calm, Kind, Romantic, Tender, Caring, Affectionate, Modest, Creative, Sensual, Friendly, Witty, Serious, Exciting, Reasonable, Gentle, Understanding, Energetic, Cheerful, Honest, Faithful, Spontanious, Respectful, Sentimental, Generous, Attentive, Considerate, Compassionate, Sincere, Curious, Passionate, Adventurous, Hardworking, Well educated, Open-minded, I am Family Oriented… A Simple Guy, Living A Simple Life, Looking For A Simple Girl To Complete The Picture.I would describe myself as empathetic, perceptive and understanding. I like intelligent conversations and sharing of ideas and consider myself a good conversationalist and a listener. I like to treat the other person the way i would like to be treated. I believe in mutual love, respect and giving space to each other. I am old which makes me very mature and philosophical about life,I’m from mixed family. I’m friendly, honest, kind, loving and caring person…have a great sense of humor . I love to laugh and make people laugh.. Some Would Say I’m Old Fashioned, I Prefer to Think of It as Having Traditional Beliefs. Things Such As Romance, Chivalry And Respect, Are Important Aspects Of My Life While There Are ‘People’ Here Who Are Not What And Who They Are Pretending To Be, And Are Not Serious In Finding A Lifelong Mate – Understand Clearly That Such Is Not The Case With Me.

Hi beautiful creature
The orchestrating ingredient that brings two people together in a covenant committed relationship is always the first initiative of one person; obviously I am taking the first step here by contacting you. Your reaction to this simple gesture could lead to a lifetime committed relationship. I decided to contact you after viewing your page, believe me you are physically the perfect description of the kind of woman I am dreaming to meet.
May I be that Special Knight for you. Please get back to me if you feel it’s alright to keep in touch.
Reach me through: davismcburney@gmail.com
Davis McBurney

IP is of African Blackberry
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams
Nigerian wording

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