Dennis Lawson,

dedusername: denluvbug
name: Dennis Lawson
age: 49
location: Cedar Lake, Indiana, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: Private Contractor
marital status: –

IP address:

I am deep sensitive in mind. Very romantic, full of dreams/ideas and visions. You will never be bored or sad with me…Please note – I am serious in my search and only wish to establish correspondence with ONE woman who is serious about establishing a relationship with only ONE man! I will recognize her by her sincere letter and photo! I wish for her to have a desire to establish a true and meaningful relationship and interested in sharing my life. I am first attracted to a woman’s eyes and then her smile.

Hi You really look pretty cool in your pic and i really do like the contents of your profile…I would love to know you more better and probably get closer with each other soon….. Please get back to me so that we could have some nice conversations together in the most convienent time!.. You can write me email on and i will respond asap.I think I’m pretty much in there and will definately know when you gets on alright. You look so cute i must say! Thanks..and Do have a nice day ahead !.. Den.

letter to victim:
Thanks for writing me. You’re very sweet and I do adore you for your prospect. I am happy to share the same intention with you. I just went back to that site and looked at your profile. You’re so beautiful and my kind of heart desire. I do appreciate love, care, honest and passion. I believe if you have passion for something, you’d definately be committed into it. I have looked and prayed that someday, I would have someone who’s committed and interested in a long term relationship with me, not just series of fun and underdogs.
I hope we can always keep in torch henceforth. I would like us to have some time to chat. Maybe we can have some nice chat on the google chat . Do you have that in your computer?… I hope you do because i would really love to know more about you and how Am I gonna do that, constant communication! That’s why i really wanna get involved with you.
I hope we can keep this going and constantly been in torch. Let me know when you can have an opportunity for a chat, and I will come on here for you.
Do have a great day. I really have to get going now and out for my day’s stuff. Guess you’d been doing the same after reading this. Do take good care of yourself and have a lovely day ahead..!
Talk to you later!

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IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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