Jeffrey Hunter,

username: honeybunch104
name: Jeffrey Hunter
alternative email:
age: 55
location: Philadelphia, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: buiding contractor
marital status: Widowed

IP address:

A little about me…
I am a gentleman always, raised in a very unique ways and was taught that women were God’s gift to men. A generous heart and kind spirit; confident to a fault at times, but a quiet confidence; humbled by my successes and failures; old school romantic looking to WOW and be WOW’ed by the right woman. I am insatiably curious, creative, ambitious, hard-working and unconventional in my attitudes and values – the consummate outside the box thinker. I am fiercely loyal and supportive.
How I feel about the Church…
I believe Jesus Christ is literally the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer, who died for the sins of humankind and rose from the dead on the third day with an immortal body. God, the Father, also has an immortal body.
What I do for fun…
I’m an upbeat, active person who has learned to appreciate the basis for happiness which is sharing the enjoyment of the good things and good times with a partner. Holding hands on a long beach beach walk is pure pleasure.

message: –

IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Has other profiles with different pictures

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