username: gallaga
name: Sherri X
age: 33
location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
ethncity: Native American
occupation: military
marital status: single

IP address:

Hmm few words about me… I love joking and I feel horrible when someone next to me is sad.
It’s hard to write… so I’ll just write down from the list that my friends at school wrote about me.
My friends think I am: “good, generous, angelic patience (I’d say ONLY FOR CHILDREN IT’S UNLIMITED 😉 ), loveable, helpful, indulgent, self-confident, resolute, intelligent, funny, brave, crazy, hilarious, cautious, clever, smiling, consistent…
I only have to say that sometimes I can be really mean 🙂 but I’m trying to change this one.
I am looking for a very simple, honest, caring and God fearing man who will know the real meaning of true love. am looking for man that knows how to joke and be contented with what he has. am looking for a man that can share all his problem with. he will have good sense of humour.

message: –

IP doesn’t correspond location
This scammer placed female military profiles before
Nigerian wording

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