Hendry Kamadi, hendrykamadi@yahoo.com

Hendry Kamadi
47 or 49
Bali, Indonesia or Lagos, Nigeria

Dear friend, Thanks for your reply to my friendship/partnership request. I am happy to get connected with you via social media and i hope you will be reliable and trusted. I came across your page in my search for a reliable/trusted foreign partner and i decided to contact you. I work with a Financial & Storage firm over here. Actually, i have a mutual deal transaction of great interest which i wish to reveal and share with you and we can collaborate and invest together over there in your country as partners. Please reply me urgently so that i can furnish you with full details about this mutual deal transaction. And give me your phone number to call you… I await your urgent reply here. Sincerely and Cheers! Hendry

hi dear, i wish we can get to know each other very well and have mutual understanding to share views together… I am Hendry from Indonesia. Pls give me your private email address to communicate for better understanding between us… Cheers! ok dear…mine is: hendrykamadi@yahoo.com

Hello dear,
Thanks so much for your response via the social media.
I am glad to get connected with you and i hope you will be reliable and trusted. I came across your page in my search for a sincere and honest life partner and luckily we met together. I am working with a financial and storage firm here in Indonesia.
Actually, i wish to have serious and true relationship with you and will make you the best and happy woman so far if you can give me your heart.
Dear, please can you tell me more about yourself and your country, also your work or business?
Sincerely and Cheers!

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